Intel Lunar Lake. Tak wygląda pierwszy procesor nowej generacji

Intel Lunar Lake. This is what the first new generation processor looks like

The premiere of Intel's new mobile processors is getting closer. As a result, there are more leaks on the Internet. This time we're talking about the Lunar Lake family.

Although processors debuted at the end of last year 14th generation Intel Core, these are the last steps of this architecture. It was mainly a refresh of the Blue offer with slightly higher clock speeds. However, we are supposed to get a family this year Intel Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake.

Intel Lunar Lake will go to thin and mobile laptops

The first model of the second series has appeared online. Intel Core Ultra 5 234V confirms not only the nomenclature, but also reveals a new suffix – V – and partial specifications.

The mentioned unit is a mobile 8-core processor without hyper-threading technology, which is based on the architecture Intel Lion Cove and Skymont. Reported clock speeds were 2.1 GHz base i up to 3.1 GHz in Turbo mode, but it is currently difficult to say whether these are final clocks or engineering sample values.

However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that The Intel Core 200 series will be expanded. However, this is not good news, because consumers may feel confused. We will probably see Intel Arrow Lake, Raptor Lake Refresh and Lunar Lake processors under the same name.

Of course, they will be divided into different price and performance segments, but this does not make it easier to understand what we are actually buying. However, this is a natural step, because AMD did exactly the same thing a year ago. This time, however, there will be considerable competition, not only from the Reds, but also from Qualcomm (Snapdragon X Elite).

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