Intel zostaje w tyle za konkurencją. Firma opóźnia swoje plany

Intel lags behind the competition. The company is delaying its plans

Intel’s new Lunar Lake processors, equipped with artificial intelligence NPUs, will hit the market later. Chipzilla, as the company is commonly known, is lagging behind the competition.

This year is all about artificial intelligence. AMD has already presented its Strix Point systems with NPU units. Qualcomm did the same with the Snapdragon X series. In theory, Intel also offers such processors, but they do not meet the Copilot+PC requirements due to too low NPU performance.

This was supposed to change with the Lunar Lake (Core Ultra 200) models, but their launch has probably been delayed, according to the latest reports.

Intel delays the premiere of new processors

Ultimately, Intel Lunar Lake processors were supposed to debut in June, but this will probably not happen. The month is slowly coming to an end, but the Blues are still reluctant to present new arrangements. This is probably due to the fact that their premiere was postponed to September, a few months after the competition’s solutions.

We do not know what caused the delay in the release of Intel Core Ultra 200 laptop processors. However, there is no doubt that this is a big problem for the manufacturer. The competition already has solutions that are compatible with Copilot+ PC, i.e. they offer NPU with a performance of at least 40 TOPS. This means that we will see computers with AMD and Qualcomm systems first, and we will have to wait for those with Intel components.

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