Intel szykuje tanie procesory na stare płyty główne

Intel is preparing cheap processors for old motherboards

It looks like Intel has decided to follow in AMD’s footsteps. Blue is reportedly working on a previously unannounced budget family of processors.

In October last year, the first unlocked processors debuted Intel Raptor Lake Refresh, and in January we got cheaper, locked-down models. As the name suggests, it is about refreshing the offer, so the main changes are slightly higher clock speeds while maintaining the same architectures.

Intel Bartlett Lake-S will continue to use the LGA 1700 socket

Many people assumed that 14th generation Intel Core they will be the last units for the nest LGA 1700. After all, it debuted in 2021, and the Blues are not known for long-lived platforms. Especially if we are supposed to get processors this year Intel Arrow Lake-S using socket LGA 1851.

However, the latest rumors suggest that Intel is working on the Bartlett Lake-S family. These would be budget processors based on the same silicon as the Raptor Lake series and compatible with LGA 1700 motherboards. Unfortunately, details about the specifications – the number of cores and threads, clock speeds – still remain a secret.

This step is supposedly dictated by actions AMDwhich still supports the platforms AM4 from 2016. Recent premieres are proof of this AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D, Ryzen 5 5600GT Whether Ryzen 5 5500GT.

However, problems arise – what would the naming of new CPUs from Intel look like? How will they be positioned? What will they offer since the Raptor Lake family has already been refreshed? One possibility is cheap processors with a small number of cores, but an unlocked multiplier and large cache memory. Of course, as with all such rumors it is worth approaching these revelations with some distance.

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