Intel demoluje AMD. Przewaga jest ogromna

Intel is demolishing AMD. The advantage is huge

Intel is the undisputed leader in terms of processor sales. AMD is far behind its biggest competitor.

For a long time, AMD was far behind Intel not only in terms of sales, but also in terms of the capabilities of its processors. This began to change with the premiere of the Ryzen series, which with each subsequent generation becomes more and more competitive with Core systems. However, this is not confirmed by the number of devices delivered to customers. The Reds still have a lot of arrears compared to the Blues.

Intel crushes AMD

The latest report by Canalys shows that Intel still has a huge advantage over its rival in terms of the number of processors sold. In 2024, the Blues sent as many as 50 million copies of their systems. This is an increase of 3%. Every year.

AMD is in second place, but their result is only 8 million (-1% year to year), which is more than 6 times worse than its largest rival. Interestingly, the Reds are closely pursued by Apple, which boasts a result of 6 million (-4 percent year-on-year). This means that Intel currently holds as much as 78 percent. processor market. On the other hand, AMD takes only 13 percent for itself. this cake.

It also looks interesting in terms of revenues. Intel recorded as much as $41 billion, which is an improvement of 2%. compared to 2023. Second place in this respect is taken by Apple with USD 8 billion. (+8% year on year), and only third is AMD, with USD 6 billion. revenue (+6% year on year).

Results can also be made for individual manufacturers. In the case of Intel processors, the following companies have the greatest impact on sales: Lenovo (25%), HP (23%) and Dell (19%). However, the situation is slightly different for AMD, where we have: Lenovo (40%), HP (29%) and ASUS (14%).

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