Intel dopiął swego. Pierwszy z producentów się ugiął

Intel has achieved its goal. The first producer gave in

Although the Blues gave their partners until the end of May, one of the producers immediately introduced the recommended corrections. We are talking about the BIOSTAR company.

A moment ago we informed you that Intel gave his partners an ultimatum. These are BIOSes for socket motherboards LGA 1700. Many companies changed the recommended values ​​in order to increase efficiency by a few%. It worked stability problems for 13th and 14th generation Intel Core systems.

BIOSTAR has released a revised BIOS for new and old boards

So the Blues requested that a profile be added “Intel Default Settings”, which will be the default setting when you take the disc out of the box. It would have the manufacturer's suggested power and voltage limits and include auxiliary technologies such as: Current Excursion Protection, Turbo Velocity Boost, Enhanced Turbo Velocity Boost e.t.c.

The first partner to adapt to the recommendations is BIOSTAR. The company has already released an updated BIOS for the series Valkyrie, Racing and Silver. We are talking about the latest platforms with a chipset Intel 700as well as older ones Intel 600. They improve the stability of unlocked units Intel Raptor Lake (Refresh).

Intel has achieved its goal.  The first producer gave in

New software can be downloaded on the manufacturer's official website dedicated to a specific motherboard. Changes can then be made in the tab “Tweaker”->“CPU Power Management”->“Turbo Power Limit” where you can choose between Auto, Intel Default Settings and Manual.

The performance drop in games and programs is minoralthough noticeable, for example, in the Cinebench 2024 benchmark where we score several thousand points lower. However, we are talking about lower power consumption, and therefore lower temperatures. In the case of some sets, this will also mean a better work culture.

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