Poznaliśmy specyfikację nowych kart graficznych Intela

Intel ARC Battlemage. We know the specifications and performance

Blue is already testing their new graphics cards. Two models from the Intel ARC Battlemage family have appeared in the SiSoftware results database.

Most people think about the market graphics cards associates companies such as AMD and NVIDIA. However, almost exactly two years ago, in March 2022, a third manufacturer joined the game – Intel. The Blues began their conquests with the family ARC Alchemistwhich is to be replaced by the series later this year ARC Battlemage.

We are going to get new VRAM and better ray tracing

The new architecture will be divided into two variants – Xe2-HPG and Xe2-LPG. The first of them will go to dedicated graphics cards for desktop computers, while the second will power the iGPU in processors such as the upcoming series Intel Lunar Lake.

It seems that the Blues are already testing their new arrangements. In the results database SiSoftware two models (1, 2) of Intel ARC Battlemage were detected. One of them is equipped with 24 and the other with 20 Xe cores, which translates into: 192 and 160 execution units. In both cases we are talking about 12 GB VRAM.

We learned the specifications of Intel's new graphics cards

Looking at the performance results it doesn't look good – new graphics cards are losing to current models like Intel ARC A750 and A770. However, there may be many reasons for this situation. From early engineering samples with weak drivers, to the fact that these may be lower positioned models.

We learned the specifications of Intel's new graphics cards

It is worth holding off on final conclusions until the official premiere or more detailed leaks. According to the rumors so far, we know that Intel ARC Battlemage is expected to offer next-generation memory (GDDR7?) and significantly improved ray tracing performance.

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