Insanely powerful, this rival of the Tesla Model X which almost never came out will finally see the light of day

Faraday Future is beginning to see the end of the tunnel, as its first electric SUV, the FF91, is finally about to begin deliveries. The latter was unveiled in 2020 but the firm has encountered many financial difficulties in recent years.

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For most traditional brands, when a model is unveiled, production starts in the following months, for deliveries in stride. But some manufacturers have a slightly different pace. Of course, we think of Tesla, with its Cybertruck launched four years after its presentation, but the American firm is not the only one.

six years later

Indeed, Faraday Future is also accustomed to delays. And for good reason: the brand was founded in 2014, but it has still not launched a car. Admittedly, it had indeed unveiled the FF91 in 2017 at the CES in Las Vegas, but this model has still not started its sales. It shouldn’t be long after all.

In any case, this is what the Chinese site reports. It Home, which claims that the electric SUV is finally ready to be marketed. Indeed, Faraday Future would have ended all the tests relating to the safety of his car, which would finally be in the starting blocks to start sales. And we finally know the date of the first deliveries, first in China.

These should indeed start today. Very good news, since the manufacturer was originally counting on the second quarter of 2023, without giving more details. As early as 2018, Faraday Future announced the start of production of its electric SUV, but many financial worries have undermined his projects.

At this time, the firm was indeed almost bankrupt, while one of its co-founders decided to jump ship. The builder had to face many difficulties, in particular due to a severe lack of funds. Last year, a report indicated that it was looking for “to raise capital to finance its operations until December 31, 2022“.

Many difficulties

But Faraday Future claimed to have found a short-term solution in order to regain the hair of the beast and finally be able to launch its first electric car. Already in 2019, no less than $600 million had also been invested by the Chinese company specializing in video games The9 Limited. What give hope to the manufacturer as well as prospects for the future.

In addition to announcing its launch date, Faraday Future also gives information on the price of its electric SUV. The latter should therefore start from 309,000 US dollars in its Futurist Alliance Edition version. A price equivalent to 281,587 euros according to the current exchange rate and which greatly exceeds that of the Tesla Model X with its 114,490 euros.

As a reminder, this FF91 displays an insane 1,050 horsepower, which allows it to achieve 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.39 seconds. Based on the VPA (Variable Platform Architecture) platform unveiled on the FFZero1 concept, the electric SUV has a battery provided by LG of 130 kWh offering a range of around 700 kilometers. Consumption should be very high.

With an 800 volt architecture, this newcomer should be able to withstand a lot of charging power. It remains to be seen whether the SUV will be sold in Europe or not.

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