increased autonomy and price finally known

The electric Volkswagen ID.7 finally arrives on the European market. As expected, the addition is rather salty for this new electric car, but good news: the autonomy is higher than expected!

After officially starting production of the ID.7 a few days ago, Volkswagen is already taking the next step: the commercial launch. The German firm has just opened the order book in Germany, revealing on this occasion the price of the one that is sometimes nicknamed the “electric Passat”.

Range increased by a few kilometers

For starters, the offer only has one version for the moment: the ID.7 Pro. Equipped with a 77 kWh battery, it was previously credited with a range of 615 km. This has just been revised upwards, since Volkswagen now announces 621 km. This figure should not move, because it is the autonomy measured according to the WLTP certification cycle. The 615 km corresponded to a first estimate of the manufacturer.

A pretty hefty price

The only finish offered at launch has a rather complete equipment, including for example an augmented reality head-up display, 19-inch rims, a multimedia system Discover Pro Max as well as numerous driving aids (360-degree reversing camera with several views available, parking exit assistant, semi-autonomous driving system Travel Assist, etc). On the other hand, the astonishing panoramic roof with electronic brightness control is missing, it will be necessary to go through the option box.

On the price side, what was anticipated is now certain: the ID.7 will not be given away. This launch version is indeed sold for 56,995 euros. A price that symbolizes the strange positioning of the car, halfway between a Model 3 and a Model S. But it’s a safe bet that more affordable versions are emerging, with fewer options. Also remember that the version with 86 kWh battery promises more than 700 km of autonomy.

Important clarification: the price indicated only concerns Germany. At the time of writing these lines, the Volkswagen ID.7 is indeed present on the French site, but without it being possible to place an order and without the slightest indication of price. According to our information, the commercial launch of the ID.7 in France will take place in September.

Up to 700 km range on the ID.7 Pro S

In addition to the Pro, Volkswagen also plans to market an ID.7 Pro S. Equipped with the same 286 hp engine, it will however have a larger 86 kWh battery. Autonomy will increase to about 700 km. A rather remarkable performance, due among other things to a lot of work on aerodynamics.

If the ID.7 is aimed at a financially well-off clientele, Volkswagen also aims to democratize the electric with more affordable cars. It is with this in mind that the German firm is currently working on a new ID.2, which should be sold for around 25,000 euros.

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