In Tesla, your calls will become much more pleasant thanks to this new practical function

Tesla offers a new update to its customers, allowing them to enjoy a brand new feature for less convenience. From now on, the intensity of the air conditioning will be reduced automatically during telephone calls, in order to improve the understanding of the interlocutors.

Currently, cars are evolving at breakneck speed and taking advantage of their numerous on-board technologies to enrich themselves with new functionalities. This is made even easier thanks to remote updates, which eliminate the need to go to the garage to upgrade your car.

A useful function

Many manufacturers have adopted this technology, known as OTA for over the air. This is the case of Volvo, Volkswagen or Hyundai, among others. But this is especially the case with Tesla, which makes massive use of it. This is also how the American firm repairs most of its electric cars, especially when a “recall” campaign is put in place.

The manufacturer, which remains the world number 1 in electric vehicles and which plans to further reduce the prices of its cars in certain markets, has just unveiled a new update. This is detailed by the site Not a Tesla App and is codenamed 2023.26. It brings its share of new features, including an amazing but very practical feature.

The latter concerns air conditioning and is called ” Lower HVAC Fan Speed ​​While on a Callwhich can be translated as “reduce the fan speed during a call”. A name that could not be more equivocal which describes rather well the functioning of this system. You will therefore have understood its principle, which is quite simple.

When the air conditioning is in automatic mode and the driver makes or receives a phone call, the power of the ventilation is reduced. The goal is to better be able to hear the other party without background noise that could interfere with communication. But this function is not new, quite the contrary.

Several improvements

Indeed, and as stated on the siteTeslarati, other manufacturers already offer it in their cars, such as Ford or General Motors, which is preparing its return to Europe. Tesla is also offering other upgrades to its cars via its OTA update.

Among them, the possibility for the driver to pause pedestrian alert sound in some cases. For the record, the latter is compulsory on all electric cars, when they are traveling at less than 20 km/h. However, this can be annoying in certain situations, in particular in traffic jams. Please note that not all vehicles will be compatible with this new function.

The user manual mentions the possibility of change the position of the cameras simply by using a command on the touch screen. However, this feature would not be part of this new update, and it is currently unknown if this is an error or if it will be offered a little later.

For the record, the manufacturer is organizing a recall campaign at this very moment in order to correct a problem with the alignment of the cameras, which can disrupt the operation of the Autopilot.

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