Za 5 lat komputer dorówna człowiekowi - twierdzi szef NVIDII

In 5 years, computers will be as big as humans, says the head of NVIDIA

The head of NVIDIA was asked when artificial intelligence will equal humans. The answer may be surprising, because according to Jensen Huang, this will happen to some extent in 5 years.

NVIDIA is experiencing golden times. Jensen Huang’s company earns a fortune on artificial intelligence chips, thanks to which it jumped to third place among the most valued companies in the world, behind only Microsoft and Apple. AI is the future and many people wonder when computers will equal humans. According to the head of NVIDIA, this will happen to some extent in 5 years.

When will artificial intelligence equal humans?

Many science-fiction films deal with the topic of artificial intelligence, which at some point becomes more intelligent than humans. The simplest example is, of course, Terminator, in which computers took control of Earth in the future. It is difficult to say today whether such a vision is realistic. However, at some point AI may be as intelligent as humans. This is to happen in 5 years.

This is what Jensen Huang, the head of NVIDIA, says. He was asked about this during an economic forum at Stanford University. One of the richest people in the world, of course, noted that much depends on the criteria adopted. If these are all kinds of tests, then in his opinion, artificial intelligence will be equal to humans in 5 years.

If I gave AI… every single test imaginable, created a test list and put it in front of the IT industry, my guess is that in five years we’ll do well on every one of them.

– said the head of NVIDIA.

Today, artificial intelligence can already cope with many tests, e.g. the law exam. However, the problem is more specialized challenges, such as medical tests in gastroenterology. In 5 years, the computer will be able to handle them too.

However, Huang points out that when it comes to AGI (artificial general intelligence), i.e. artificial intelligence that will think like a human, this goal is much more distant. Among other things, this is because scientists still argue about the criteria by which AGI should be assessed.

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