In 2023, the first iPhone (4 GB) costs 120 times more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max (1 TB)

With a bid of over $158,000, which translates to a final sale price of over $190,000, this original 2007 iPhone with 4GB of storage broke all auction records. A crazy price which is essentially justified by the rarity and the excellent conservation of the product, this one having never been unpacked.

Over $190,000. This is the price an anonymous person paid to acquire a first generation iPhone with 4 GB of storage and kept in perfect condition in its still sealed box. An insane price that can be seen displayed wholesale on the LCG Auctions website: “sold for $190,372.80“.

This auction started on June 30, 2023 with an initial bid of $10,000. LCG Auctions predicted that the sale would be recorded between 50,000 and 100,000 dollars. The final result therefore greatly exceeds these estimates. As explained 9to5Macthe last hours of this sale, which closed on July 16, were very eventful with the stake going very quickly from 67,000 to $158,644. To this sum are added the approximately 20% commission for the auction platform and we thus reach 190,372.80 dollars.

To put it another way: this 2007 iPhone is actually worth $158,644 and cost $190,372.80.

An iPhone in perfect condition

In the description of the lot, LCG Auctions was not short of improving adjectives to praise the merits of this iPhone:an extremely rare 4GB model, factory sealed, in exceptional condition“. In particular, it was clearly specified that the telephone was “nine” And “never activated“.

So many elements that inevitably raise the stakes, even if we can obviously be surprised by the staggering final sum.

Up to 120 times more expensive than the most expensive iPhone

Remember that this original iPhone with 4 GB of storage cost 499 dollars when it was released. The bet of 158,644 is therefore almost 318 times higher. To continue with the crazy comparisons, know that the 1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max is displayed today at $1599 in the United States. In other words, the first-generation iPhone is apparently worth 99 times more than the most expensive model of the current generation.

If we consider the final price – including the 20% commission –, it’s almost 120 times more expensive! So many numbers that prove how the sale of old smartphones that have become rare has become a lucrative business.

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