Ważna aktualizacja macOS Sonoma. Co się zmienia?

Important macOS Sonoma update. What’s changing?

Apple has released an update to macOS Sonoma 14.4. The update introduces changes necessitated by the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Apple has released a new software update for its computers. System macOS Sonoma 14.4 introduces new emoji and changes forced by European Union within DMA.

New emojis and changes in the App Store

Among the new emojis, there are several completely new designs. They represent brown mushroom, phoenix, lime, broken chain and head shaking. I don’t expect them to gain enormous popularity, although who knows – the opinions of the Internet are inscrutable. In addition, the update included a pack of 18 icons depicting characters turned in the opposite direction to the previously available designs.

Important macOS Sonoma update.  What's changing?

The changes related to DMA are much more significant, although in the case of macOS you should definitely not expect an earthquake. In fact, the most important new thing is allowing alternative payment methods for applications in the App Store for residents European Union.

Traditionally, in addition to new features, the update introduces bug fixes, including: in applications Safari and Podcasts.

macOS Sonoma 14.4 should now be available to all users.

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