Jeśli kupować komputer, to tylko taki. Niebawem mają zdominować rynek

If you buy a computer, buy only this one. They will soon dominate the market

The demand for computers offering hardware support for generative AI will grow rapidly, argue analysts from IDC. In 2024, their expected supply is approximately 50 million pieces. and the following years will result in geometric growth.

Generative artificial intelligence has taken people by storm and it may seem that today the market for new technologies without AI no longer exists. Only, from a technical point of view, the matter is not that simple. Currently most implementations are cloud-based systems, which necessarily require a constant Internet connection. Consumer devices, although becoming more powerful, are still they do not have sufficient computing power.

Chip manufacturers want to change this, which is what they have introduced specialized NPU units (Neural Processing Unit), but this is still a drop in the ocean of needs. To understand this better, it is enough to realize that the top processors of the latest generation, Intel Core Ultra and AMD Ryzen 8000, despite dedicated resources, offer theoretical performance in performing operations on neural networks of only 40 TOPS.

For reference, Microsoft says that 40 TOPS is the absolute minimum to run generative artificial intelligence algorithms locally. Wanting to enter a more advanced sphere, the company from Redmond expects 1.5x more. Meanwhile, such arrangements As of today, it simply doesn’t existwhich leads to the conclusion that if we expect full-fledged AI in a private laptop, we must first wait for moves from the semiconductor industry.

As revealed in the latest report, analysts at IDC believe that Artificial intelligence will be the main driving force behind the sale of new computers in the next few years. It was estimated that in 2024 alone, the volume of deliveries of machines supporting AI should reach approximately 50 million, while in 2027 this number may increase to up to 167 million. At the same time, “smart” PCs are to become the leading ones, taking approximately 60 percent. the entire market.

As the new year approaches, the buzz around generative AI has reached fever pitch, and the PC industry is rushing to reap the anticipated benefits of moving AI capabilities from the cloud to the customer. Promises of increasing user productivity through higher efficiency, lower costs, and device privacy and security have generated significant interest among IT executives. In 2024 we will see AI computer shipments begin to increase, and over the next few years we expect this technology to evolve from niche to public domain

– we read in the IDC report.

The question is whether the giants will really be in such a hurry to domesticate AI as IDC sees it. The marketing potential is undoubtedly huge, but you should bear this in mind artificial intelligence as a service also looks tempting. In fact, subscription fees can be charged for remote access to resources, binding the consumer to a subscription, and as soon as he puts the appropriate equipment on the desk, the source will dry up.

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