If you are still paying more than 20 euros for your internet subscription, there is a problem

Why continue to pay astronomical sums for your fiber subscription when there are comprehensive offers for less than 20 euros per month? You still have a few days to make substantial savings at Bouygues Telecom.

Just like electricity or gas, the internet subscription has become a common item in the budget of French households. An almost obligatory expense, but not necessarily affordable when you have to pay 30 or 40 euros per month to be able to connect.

However, there is a way to reduce the bill: take a trip to Bouygues Telecom. Since the beginning of September, and for a few more days, the operator has been offering a particularly interesting back-to-school offer. For less than 20 euros per month, you can benefit from 1 Gb/s fiber access, a telephone line and a 4K TV decoder. A perfect offer to change operator and reduce your monthly expenses.

Bbox Fiber Special Series: what does the Bouygues Telecom offer offer for less than 20 euros?

If the cheapest internet subscriptions tend to cut corners on the services offered, this is not the case for this special Bbox Fiber series. Bouygues Telecom offers you an offer triple play simple and effective which therefore combines internet, telephone and access to television with more than 180 channels available.

Unsurprisingly, the telephony part gets to the point. With this subscription, you benefit from unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, as well as unlimited calls to landlines in over 110 countries such as Germany, England, Canada, the USA and Japan. .

The TV part for its part is particularly well stocked. Bouygues Telecom offers a 4K TV box which not only allows access to a vast bouquet of 180 channels, but also allows you to enjoy a connected experience thanks to Android TV. Many applications are available for download to access Netflix, CANAL+ or YouTube directly on your TV. A recorder capable of storing up to 100 hours of program as well as a live pause function are present for a complete experience.

At the heart of this offer is access to fiber from Bouygues Telecom. By subscribing, you can benefit from high-performance fiber thanks to good speeds: up to 700 Mb/s for sending and up to 1 Gb/s for downloading. Enough to easily retrieve or send large files, or quickly download the big game of the moment.

What are the advantages of an internet subscription with Bouygues Telecom?

Bouygues Telecom offers numerous benefits to its subscribers, right from the moment of registration.

In terms of service, Bouygues Telecom guarantees you an internet connection from day one by providing you with a 4G key and 200 GB of data to spend as you wish. The installation and commissioning of your brand new Bbox are also included in the subscription for a smooth start.

The support, for its part, results in the provision of a complete mobile application to manage the smallest aspect of your account (bill consultation, Wi-Fi network management, support contact). Bouygues Telecom also offers you a very comprehensive assistance service. The operator’s teams are available 7 days a week at 1064 to answer your questions and help you resolve your problems.

How to subscribe to 1 Gb/s fiber from Bouygues Telecom before it is too late?

If you want to benefit from fiber at a low price, there are no thirty-six solutions: you must go directly to the Bouygues Telecom website in the coming days. To be more precise, you have until October 15, when this special offer ends, to make your decision.

Once the offer has been selected, and after checking that you are eligible for fiber, the procedure is quite simple. Opt to keep your landline number by providing your RIO (obtained by dialing 3179 from your landline) and let Bouygues Telecom take care of the rest.

The operator will then not only take care of closing your subscription with your old supplier, but it will also be able to reimburse you up to 100 euros for any costs linked to the termination. All you have to do is pay the activation fees (48 euros) on your first invoice and that’s it.

This special Bbox Fiber series is currently offered at a price of 19.99 euros per month, making it one of the most advantageous offers available on the market. However, this price is only valid during the first year of subscription. Once the first twelve months have passed, it will return to its original price, namely 37.99 euros. As the commitment is only for one year, nothing prevents you from changing your offer on the anniversary date of subscription to your contract.

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