Hyundai, the big electric offensive is getting ready

After making good progress, Hyundai is more than ever determined to make an even bigger place for itself in the electric car market. For this, the Korean manufacturer plans to launch no less than five new models by 2032.

If electric cars were still marginal a few years earlier, things have since changed a lot. Today, this engine is meeting with growing success, to such an extent that it has overtaken diesels in France since December, but also on the entire European market.

A growing success

A trend that we owe to the arrival of new models on the market, while the offer continues to grow. In addition, many cars are selling like hot cakes, like the Tesla Model Y, which was even the best-selling car in the world at the beginning of the year. Not to mention the Dacia Spring in Europe as well as the MG4 which is attracting more and more customers.

And inevitably, this is starting to give ideas to other builders, who also want to make a nice place in the sun. This is for example the case of Chinese brands like BYD or Nio, but not only. Because we also think of Hyundai, which is more than ever determined to increase its sales of electric cars.

The Korean firm is already doing very well, sinceit has already overtaken General Motors, Nissan or even Stellantis in terms of sales last year. But if the manufacturer is the world number 3 all engines combined, it is still far behind the leading trio of electric, made up of Tesla, BYD and Volkswagen. But that could end up changing over the next few years.

Indeed, the Korean manufacturer has already sold no less than 20,000 electric cars in July according to the American site Electrek. A more than reasonable figure, while the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6 represented 65% of registrations. For its part, Kia, which is also part of the group, sold 10,500 electric cars last June thanks to its EV6 and its new EV9.

A great offensive

If the Korean group has multiplied the launches of electric models in recent years, it now wants to accelerate the pace a little more. During its last conference organized for investors, the firm announced that it wanted to invest $30 billion to accelerate its transition to 100% electric.

For this, Kia-Hyundai plans to sell no less than two million electric cars in the world by 2030. To achieve this, the group notably plans to launch five new models before 2032. For the moment, nothing is known about them, but it is said that certain markets such as India would be particularly targeted.

Europe should also be part of it, while sales of thermal cars will be banned from 2035. But nothing has been officially confirmed yet. On the other hand, we know that Hyundai also plans to develop a brand new platform called IMAwhich should equip no less than 13 new models of the group by the end of the decade.

New batteries are also in preparation, without further details being given. Will the group use CATL’s Qilin CTP 3.0, when the two companies are already working hand in hand? Everything is possible, but nothing has been confirmed. As a reminder, the new Ioniq 5 N is currently equipped with an 84 kWh pack offering a higher density than the 77.4 kWh used until now.

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