Hydrogen buses come to Chełm

Hydrogen buses come to Chełm

Chełm is another city in Poland that focuses on zero emissions. Hydrogen buses will soon be running on the city streets.

Europe is moving more and more boldly towards zero emissions. Poland is no different in this respect. It has already happened before orders for NesoBus hydrogen buses were submitted by Rybnik and Gdańsk. Now Chełm, a city located in the Lublin Voivodeship, also joins this good company.

Hydrogen NesoBuses will enter the streets in Chełm

The city of Chełm organized tender for a supplier of zero-emission buses, which was won by Polsat Plus and ZE PAK. The contract covers the delivery of a total of 26 hydrogen buses. The delivery will take place in three tranches, and the last one will be delivered no later than October 30, 2025.

The funds for the purchase of the mentioned machines were obtained under co-financing from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. In total, PLN 100.4 million was raised, a the total investment ultimately amounted to PLN 97 million PLN, although the City Hall was ready to pay up to PLN 112 million.

NesoBus is powered by green hydrogen, and its range is 450 kilometers, and refueling takes only 15 minutes. The machine does not emit exhaust fumes and can accommodate a total of 93 people, including 37 seats. NesoBus consumes approximately 8 kilograms of hydrogen per 100 km.

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