Hurry, these Jackery generators are still on exclusive promotion

If Prime Days are over, at Jackery, the promotions are zealous. The manufacturer is slashing the prices of its mobile solar generators. But you have to hurry, because these exclusive offers end in less than 48 hours.

Although summer has ended, the sun is still there. So, why not take advantage of it to fight inflation? Jackery offers many mobile generators equipped with foldable solar panels. Simple to install, these devices help reduce the electricity bill at the end of the month.

An alternative which also has the advantage of being more affordable. Jackery has extended its Prime Days promotions, which took place last week. Thus, the manufacturer is offering up to 40% discounts on its best batteries and generators. However, these promotions end on Wednesday, October 18. So there’s only a day and a half left to enjoy it. To save time, we have selected the most interesting tips.

The generator 1,000 to 1,205.33 euros (- 33%)

Few generators offer as good value for money as the Jackery 1000 generator. A feat due to the combination of the power of this generator combined with its compactness. With dimensions of 33.3 x 23.3 x 28.3 cm and a weight of 10 kg, it is very easy to carry on an outdoor trip or van adventure.

More affordable than the Jackery 1000 Pro, this 1000 generator nevertheless has the same power of 1002 W. A power that allows it to recharge a smartphone up to 100 times or run a mini-fridge for 17 hours. As for recharging, it takes 5 hours on a mains socket and 6.5 hours with two SolarSaga 200 solar panels, supplied with the generator.

Finally, in terms of connectivity, we find two 230 V alternating current sockets, two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports including a QuickCharge 3.0.

The final advantage of this generator is its price. Jackery reduces the price of the 1,000 generator with two solar panels. Usually sold for 1,799 euros, the lot goes to 1,205.33 euros. A discount that ends on October 18. However, Jackery is implementing a new advantage after this deadline. In fact, the Californian manufacturer is offering its brand new Explorer 100 Plus generator until November 5 for any purchase of a 1000 generator on the brand’s website. A nice gift of 149 euros which allows you to benefit from an additional mini-generator.

The 2000 Pro generator at 1,609 euros (- 40%)

Its year of existence changes nothing: the 2000 Pro generator remains one of Jackery’s flagships. It must be said that the manufacturer delivers here a particularly powerful device of 2,160 W. Power which can be taken advantage of quickly since it is possible to recharge the 2,000 Pro generator in just two and a half hours (using 6 SolarSaga 200 solar panels).

Suffice to say that the Jackery 2000 Pro is a very valuable secondary source of energy at home. It benefits from two 230 V AC outlets, two 100 W USB-C Power Delivery ports and two USB-A ports for mobile devices. It can therefore easily power electric hobs or an oven for an hour. Better yet, its endurance increases to one day if it powers a mini-fridge or a television. Finally, its dimensions of 38.4 × 26.9 × 30.75 cm and its weight of 19.5 kg do not prevent it from accompanying nomads during a road trip in a van.

The Jackery 2,000 Pro drops to 1,609 euros instead of 2,299 euros. A 40% discount which disappears on October 18. That said, after this date, it is also possible to obtain the new Explorer 100 Plus generator as a gift for the acquisition of a 2000 Pro generator.

The Explorer 500 generator at 395 euros (-40%)

Those looking for a mini-generator to compensate for a (short) power outage or go on a trip road trip the time of a weekend will quickly turn to the Jackery Explorer 500. With a very compact size, 30.1 × 19.3 × 24.2 cm, and a weight of only 6 kg, it slips easily in a cupboard or the trunk of a car. Above all, it provides a comfortable power of 500 W.

It can therefore power a television for 7.5 hours or recharge a smartphone 53 times. On the connector side, there are three USB-A ports and a 230 V socket.

Until October 18, the Explorer 500 generator is offered at 395 euros instead of 659.99 euros. A rather welcome 40% discount.

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