Polowanie na klientów PKO BP. Mały błąd i nie ma odwrotu

Hunting for PKO BP customers. One small mistake and there is no going back

PKO BP customers should be especially careful about calls from “consultants”. These may actually be fraudsters trying to get their money.

One of the most common and dangerous types of fraud is telephone impersonation of banks. Fraudsters are increasingly bold in using manipulation methods to gain access to our financial data. If a banking consultant contacts you and you have doubts, be careful what data you provide.

Fraudsters prey on PKO customers

Recently, fraudsters have been increasingly impersonating one of the most popular banks in Poland. They call and pretend to be consultants PKO BP bank in order to extort online banking data or force a transfer to a specific account. It may happen that fraudsters call from the official number of a given bank. In reality, the number is completely different, but it is displayed on our device, e.g. as the hotline of a well-known facility. This is a method called spoofing.

Recently, our clients have again reported fraud related to one of the Polish banks. During the call, they receive information that they have submitted a loan application and that they need to provide additional data. Don’t know anything about any loan? Don’t have an account with this institution? That’s okay! Fraudsters require information about which bank you belong to. After ending the call, a “consultant” from your facility will call and ask for identification data and promise to report the matter to the police.

– says Elwira Charmuszko, junior cybersecurity specialist at CyberRescue.

It’s worth being aware that bank employees They will never call you and ask for your password or other confidential information over the phone. If the conversation includes information about an alleged loan being taken out in your name, it is best to hang up and contact the bank yourself to confirm this information. It is even better to go to one of the branches in person.

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