Huawei rzuci wyzwanie Apple. Prace już trwają

Huawei will challenge Apple. Work is already underway

Huawei is working on new Kirin series systems. The Chinese company wants to compete with, among others, Apple in this field.

Huawei is to be working intensively on new ARM systems. Some of them are intended for computers. The company's representatives apparently hope that they will be able to compete with the company from Cupertino in this field. They would like the new processors to match the performance of the Apple M3 units.

New Huawei Kirin chip for PCs

The new Huawei system, created for computers, is to be equipped with a total of eight cores. Four of them are to be efficient Taishan V130 units, and the next four are energy-saving cores. In addition, the chip is to offer a new Mailiang 920 graphics chip with 10 clusters (Mailiang 910 only has 4 clusters).

In addition, the system will support up to 32 GB of RAM, which would mean that it will be equipped with a 128-bit LPDDR5/LPDDR5X/DDR5 memory interface. Rumors show that the Chinese are preparing two models, marked Max and Pro, which will differ in their capabilities.

Huawei expects the processor to match the multi-threaded performance of Apple's M3 chips. However, in terms of graphic performance, it will be closer to the Apple M2. If this can be achieved, it will be quite an impressive result. However, the most important question is – will the proprietary Kirin be a better choice than the Core Ultra 9 185H processor used by Matebook X Pro? There may already be doubts about this.

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