Huawei unveils its new electric car, with its XXL autonomy and ultra-futuristic interior

Little known in Europe, the Chinese brand Avatr took advantage of the Munich show to officially lift the veil on its Avatr 12 sedan (also known as Avita 12). Developed with the Chinese smartphone giant Huawei, this electric car rivaling the Tesla Model S displays interesting characteristics.

If European manufacturers seem to be deserting car shows, they are now invaded by Chinese brands. This was the case of the Paris World Cup but also of the IAA in Munich, which opened its doors to the public yesterday. Of course, BYD and MG were there, but also a lesser-known brand, but which should soon be talked about a lot.

A large electric sedan

This is Avatr Technology, also called Avita, the result of the collaboration between Changan Automobile, the battery leader, CATL, and the smartphone giant Huawei. The latter has already co-designed several models, including the Luxeed S7 and EH3 as well as the Avatr 11 (Avita 11) unveiled at the end of last year. But it is now in Munich that the manufacturer has unveiled its latest creation.

This is the Avatr 12 (or Avita 12), which we had already talked about in our columns a few days earlier. Indeed, a Chinese media gave us some information about this sedan, which will hunt in the lands of the Tesla Model S. Today, the manufacturer officially unveils its new arrival and publishes a series of photos on its Weibo account.

Showing a length of 5.02 meters by 2.0 meters wide and 1.46 meters high, the electric sedan displays harmonious proportions that remind us of those of the Porsche Taycan, among others. It rests on 21-inch rims, while thewe note the presence of camera mirrors in order to optimize the Cx (drag coefficient). The latter, however, was not revealed by the manufacturer.

This new creation, which also competes with the Polestar 4 and the BYD Seal, has a generous wheelbase of 3.02 meters and seems to be able to comfortably accommodate four people on board, in a very luxurious manner. The manufacturer is revealing for the first time photos of the very refined driving position, reminding us of that of the Tesla. We find in particular a large touch screen in rectangular format integrating the HarmonyOS 4.0 system.

A concentrate of technology

At the moment it is not yet known whether it is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as OTA updates, but this point is very likely. Note that the car does without a handset behind the steering wheel but opts for a huge 35.4-inch 4K screen on the dashboard, which reminds us of the Panoramic Vision unveiled at the beginning of the year by BMW. It also remains to be known the trunk capacity of the sedan, the rear part of which resembles a Porsche Panamera.

In total, two versions of the Avatr 12 will be offered to customers, with one or two engines supplied by Huawei. The first version displays a power of 313 horsepower only at the rear, while the second claims 578 horsepower distributed between the four wheels. The NMC (nickel – manganese – cobalt) battery supplied by the Chinese giant CATL, which has established itself in Europe. Two capacities will also be available, namely 94.5 and 116.8 kWh.

This gives a range of between 555 and 800 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle, the equivalent of 470 to 680 kilometers WLTP. Charging time has not been announced for the sedan equipped with an 800-volt architecture according to Electrive. Note that it is equipped with autonomous driving probably up to level 3 thanks to three LiDAR sensors. It should also be equipped with adaptive air suspensions.

Just launched in production, the new Avatr 12 has not yet announced its prices. As a reminder, the 11 starts from 349,900 yuan, the equivalent of 44,619 euros. A price which should rise sharply when it arrives in Europe, but which gives us an idea of ​​the pricing strategy implemented by the Chinese brand.

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