Tego w PlayStation 5 Pro jednak zabraknie

However, this will not be available in PlayStation 5 Pro

Earlier rumors about PlayStation 5 Pro were probably untrue in one respect. The latest ones suggest that the console will be missing one thing.

PlayStation 5 Pro will offer an image scaling technique that, combined with higher performance, will make it possible to play in 4K resolution at 120 frames per second. However, this will not be implemented via a dedicated NPU system, or at least that’s what the latest rumors suggest.

PlayStation 5 Pro without NPU

So far, we have heard that the image scaling technique in PlayStation 5 Pro will be implemented by a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) system., something like Tensor units in GeForce RTX cards. However, this probably won’t be the case. The console will not have any dedicated chip. For this we have to wait until the release of PlayStation 6.

This information was provided by Kepler, a well-known company in the industry. In his opinion, PlayStation 5 Pro will not be equipped with an NPU system. If anything, the graphics will be entirely responsible for scaling the image via gfx11/12 WMMA (Wave Matrix Multiply-Accumulate). However, Kepler doubts that there will actually be any image scaling technique created directly by Sony, without the involvement of AMD, which already has the appropriate solutions.

Information about the image scaling technique in PlayStation 5 Pro appeared, among others, thanks to a leak from Insomniac Games. This solution is to appear, among others, in Marvel’s Wolverine.

PlayStation 5 Pro is scheduled to debut later this year. The most likely date is November, just before Christmas.

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