Jednak trwają prace nad nowym Xbox Series X, ale to nie to, co myślisz

However, a new Xbox Series X is in the works, but it’s not what you think

However, Microsoft is working on a new version of the Xbox Series X console. However, this one will not be what fans of the brand were counting on.

Sony intends to release PlayStation 5 Pro later this year. Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that it does not plan a similar step in the case of Xbox Series X/S consoles. It is true that work on them was to continue, but the company from Redmond ultimately gave up on this idea. This does not mean that the new Xbox Series X will not hit stores. It just won’t be what you expect.

New Xbox Series X

The latest rumors suggest that a new version of Xbox Series X will appear in stores later this year. The console will be available in white and without a built-in disc reader. Therefore, it will be a device like Xbox Series S, but with the performance of Series

According to unofficial information, the console is to go on sale at the turn of June and July, but nothing is certain yet and plans may change. The price remains a secret, but since it will be Xbox Series X without an optical drive, this model will probably be cheaper than the standard variant. In the case of the PS5, the difference is $50, but the white Xbox can be up to $100 cheaper.

Microsoft has already introduced a black version of the Xbox Series S, so the white Xbox Series X model should not be a surprise to anyone. Remember, however, that these are just rumors and should be treated with caution.

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