How Windows 11 will soon make your life easier if you use multiple screens

Microsoft is testing a new feature on Windows 11 which will soon allow the OS to support the dynamic refresh of several screens at the same time, depending on the content displayed.

Letting Windows 11 dynamically manage different refresh rates, across different screens, will soon be possible. We learn from The Verge that Microsoft is currently testing an update to its OS which will allow automatic adjustment of refresh rates on several monitors, depending on the content displayed.

This novelty would immediately have at least two advantages: allow a reduction in energy consumption, but also reduce the noise of certain dedicated graphics cards. Their fans would indeed be used less often, which would lead to quieter PCs… at least in some cases.

Windows 11 improves on the VRR (and it’s not luxury)

We’ve improved the refresh rate logic to allow for different rates on different monitors, depending on each monitor and the content displayed on screenMicrosoft confirms in a blog post spotted byNeowin. “This will be especially useful for refresh rate-dependent multitasking, such as playing a game and watching a video at the same time.“, continues the firm.

In detail, this new feature will be especially useful for users with at least two high refresh rate screens. It will prevent these monitors from being constantly refreshed to their full potential (144 Hz for example). In this context, being able to dynamically lower the frequency according to usage will be relevant to reduce energy consumption while avoiding the permanent activation of fans on certain GPUs.

On the latest GeForce RTX 3000 and 4000, for example, Nvidia offers a “Zero RPM” mode allowing the fans to be completely cut off during video playback on a single monitor. For the same activity on two monitors with a high refresh rate, this mode is no longer systematically available… which implies permanent rotation of the fans, or manual intervention (far from ideal) by the user. The latter effectively involves lowering the refresh rate of the secondary monitor. A frustration that Windows 11 should therefore avoid us soon.

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