How we gave our PC Framework Laptop a second life thanks to Cooler Master

A few months ago, we gave our Framework Laptop a second life by upgrading it with a series of new components, including an Intel Core i5-1340P processor and a more powerful battery. Framework’s promise—ease of assembly and repair—has been delivered. But what about the older motherboard, featuring a 12th Gen Intel Core i5-1240P? This is where Cooler Master comes in, transforming our experience into an adventure of technological reuse and discovery. Here’s our experience with the Cooler Master PC case, the tool that brought our old motherboard back to life as a desktop PC.

In May 2023, we updated to Framework Laptop 13. The upgrade included an Intel Core i5-1340P processor, 61 Wh battery, more powerful speakers, and a matte display. The simplicity of operation reflects Framework’s commitment to making technology more accessible and environmentally friendly, setting itself apart from most other laptop manufacturers.

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As a reminder, Framework is a company that is rethinking the laptop industry by placing durability, repairability and upgradability at the heart of its philosophy. Aware of environmental challenges and the rapid obsolescence of technologies, Framework develops computers designed to be easily dismantled and modified by the end user. This means that components, such as memory, storage, battery, and even the processor, can be upgraded or replaced as needed, extending device life and reducing e-waste.

Additionally, Framework is committed to providing detailed and accessible repair and upgrade information for its products, encouraging a circular economy in the technology industry. This approach promotes the independence of users while promoting a more responsible and sustainable mode of consumption.

Recover and recover

The most interesting point lies in the recycling of the motherboard after the upgrade. We ended up with a motherboard equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core i5-1240P processor, which led us to ask ourselves the question: what to do with this component?

The answer came from Framework who made plans available to 3D print a case compatible with this motherboard. However, not everyone has access to a 3D printer, and that’s where Cooler Master, a specialist in cooling solutions and PC cases, comes into the picture.

A new partnership

Framework has in fact partnered with Cooler Master to create a transparent case dedicated to the motherboard of the laptop. This case, with compact dimensions of 297 mm x 133 mm x 14.9 mm, is cleverly designed. It can be laid flat, VESA mounted behind a screen, or placed on a stand. It even has a built-in power button.

The experience with the Cooler Master PC case was particularly gratifying. In fact, the ease with which we were able to fit the motherboard and other components into the case is impressive. Cooler Master has a well-deserved reputation for quality product design, and this case is further proof of that.

Installation in this enclosure is a breeze. Just open the case, install the Wi-Fi antenna, place the motherboard, plug in the RAM memory and the SSD, install the sound card and finally the Wi-Fi card. Once the all closed, all that remains is to install Windows 11.

The transparent case offers a fascinating perspective on the interior of the machine, adding an undeniable aesthetic touch. Its compact design and slim profile make it a low-profile choice for any desk or workspace, while still delivering noteworthy performance.

In terms of performance, we were pleasantly surprised by the behavior of the box. Despite its compact size, it does not compromise system performance. The Cooler Master case managed to keep temperatures at an acceptable level, even during resource-intensive tasks. Only downside: you can hear the fan too much, which was already a problem during our test of this configuration.

The eco-responsible approach

The principle is simple and is part of Framework’s philosophy: to reuse old equipment by promoting an intelligent circular economy. For a total of 140 euros (case, SSD, RAM memory and Wi-Fi card), you can give your motherboard a second life and turn it into a functional desktop computer.

Framework’s approach deserves to be commended and is an example for other manufacturers to follow. In a world where sustainability is becoming a major issue, the circular economy proposed by Framework shows that it is possible to combine technological innovation, pleasure of use and respect for the environment.

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