how to use the new StandBy function on iPhone

StandBy, or En Veille, is one of the great new features of iOS 17. Here’s how to activate and master this new function.

Apple offers with iOS 17 some new features, including the arrival of a function standbyOr ” Standby ” in French. This function is not activated by default and is not necessarily intuitive to activate.

What is the function standby or “Standby”?

With the Sleep function, Apple offers to replace your alarm clock. A unique display can trigger to highlight the time, date and widgets with a large display size to be easily read from a distance.

The display is divided into two, with right and left the choice to install widgets that can be easily scrolled. By default, we find the weather, calendar and reminders, but it will be possible to customize with other applications.

This mode will also offer a custom display for notifications such as receiving messages on an instant conversation. Again, the idea is to maximize the size of the display to make it easier to read from a distance or in bed.

This function is available on iOS 17 with all compatible iPhone models, even devices without the screen Always On.

How do I activate the Standby function?

To use StandBy, you must first ensure that it is activated in the iOS settings.

  • Go to the Settings application;
  • choose “In standby” located between Wallpaper and Siri;
  • activate the Standby function.

Once the option has been activated, there are several conditions that must be met to trigger it:

  • iPhone must be charging (wired or not);
  • the iPhone must be horizontal;
  • the iPhone must be in standby.

Note that according to our tests, the Sleep function does not trigger when the iPhone is horizontal if the rotation lock has been activated.

How do I modify the standby widgets?

To customize the choice of widgets offered in StandBy, you must first trigger the display in question. It is therefore necessary to put the iPhone on standby, put it horizontally and put it on charge. Then simply make a long press on the screen to trigger the modification of the widgets.

You can then remove the widgets you are not interested in or add more with the plus button at the top left of the screen.

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