how to update your apple watch

After a beta for developers, Apple is launching the first public beta of watchOS 10. This version of the Apple Watch operating system can be installed by anyone. We recall the new features that arrive with watchOS 10.

In early June, Apple unveiled watchOS 10, a new version of its operating system for its Apple Watches, during WWDC 2023. Without a developer account, you can install this first public beta on your connected watch to test the new features.

How to download watchOS 10?

If the three betas for developers of watchOS 10 were, in fact, open to everyone, this version is more stable. It should have fewer bugs and more apps should be compatible. Be careful: if you install the first beta of watchOS 10, you will have no way to return to watchOS 9, except if you reset your Apple Watch. Also, you need to know if your Apple Watch is compatible with watchOS 10 or not.

Before upgrading to watchOS 10, download and install the first public beta of iOS 17, released at the same time. Next, open the Watch app on your iPhone. See you in ” My watch “, Then ” General “, Then ” Software updates “. Click on the ” Beta update and choose the watchOS 10 public beta. It can then be installed on your Apple Watch. It may not appear in the application: in this case, you will have to register on the site using your Apple ID, then try again.

What’s new for watchOS 10?

Apple has designated this tenth version of watchOS as a major overhaul, which profoundly changes the Apple Watch experience. This includes revised widgets, allowing more information to be displayed. There are also mental health features like mood tracking and, unsurprisingly, new dials.

Native applications have also been reviewed: this is particularly the case for Weather, Stocks, Home, Maps, Messages, World Clock and Heart Rate. In fact, the navigation is simpler and the information more accessible.

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