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Threads, Meta’s newest addition, is off to a flying start with 5 million signups in just one hour! However, the new competitor of Twitter is not yet accessible in Europe. Obviously, we were quick to test it anyway.

As expected, Threads, Meta’s new social network, is entering the digital arena with exceptional strength and interest.

The newborn from Mark Zuckerberg’s firm saw a registration of 5 million users in just one hour after its launch, despite being only available in 100 countries. Missing from the list? Europe, certainly because of the regulations. A problem that you can get around by following our previous guide on how to install the application on Android and iPhone despite geographical restrictions.

We created our account

If the excitement of creating an account on a new social network is palpable with each appearance of a so-called “alternative” to Twitter, there is something inherently different this time around. Threads is not just another platform trying to emerge; it might be the strongest alternative yet.

As expected, Threads is deeply intertwined with Instagram’s ecosystem. Thus, it is possible to recover your Instagram information such as the nickname, the avatar and some other details, a maneuver facilitated by the universal connection of Facebook.

But don’t get me wrong, Threads is not just a replica of Instagram or Twitter. Indeed, the application, in its current version, seems rather to be a refined version of Twitter: no direct messages, no hashtag, no list of trends… The experience is disarmingly simple.

The interface looks instantly familiar

Threads’ design is clean and minimalistic, maybe even a little too much. The interface looks instantly familiar, a seamless cross between Instagram and Twitter, with Instagram’s bright, crisp colors, but with Twitter’s fast, text-based feed. In terms of content, they might seem almost indistinguishable.

An interesting point of divergence is that Threads allows you to share Instagram posts without them simply appearing as a link. A feature that contrasts with the attitude of Twitter which stubbornly refuses the integrated sharing of Instagram, nor of any other platforms.

Despite these strengths, Threads is not without flaws. From the first moments on the network, the news feed can be disconcerting. Although I follow a group of people I was already connected with on Instagram, my feed was almost completely filled with random accounts from around the world. After a few hours, the algorithm seems to adapt and comes up with more familiar names, but the experience remains slightly impersonal.

Threads just duplicated the Twitter experience of 2023

Looking for new subscribers, Threads presented me with a completely random list, including one Verified person, among unknown names. Another criticism is that Threads simply duplicated the 2023 Twitter experience, with no option to display the newsfeed in chronological order. Also, scrolling through the feed is slightly confusing because everyone appears by their username and not their real name.

For now, if you want to send a direct message, you’ll have to switch back to the traditional Instagram app. There is also no web version of Threads at the moment, access is only via mobile apps.

Despite these youthful imperfections, Threads was able to pique our curiosity. Its close ties to Instagram and its ease of use make it easily accessible for newcomers and promise an interesting evolution in the future.

So how will it stand out in the long run? Will it be able to cross European borders and attract content creators and influencers to compete with Twitter? That remains to be seen. Anyway, you can follow me on @ulrichas well as CssTricks obviously @frandroid_off.

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