How to install and test Threads (Instagram) on your smartphone: the practical guide

If you’re itching to test Threads, Meta’s new social network, you’ll need to be patient… or our tips. Indeed, although the application is not yet available in Europe, it is possible to download it on your smartphone, provided you follow a few steps. Check out our handy guide to installing Threads safely, whether you’re on Android or iPhone.

Threads, Meta’s new social network, is officially launched. Linked to Instagram, this platform offers an alternative to Twitter. But as expected, Threads is not yet available in Europe, including France. However, solutions exist for those who would like to try it on their smartphone. Let’s do a check in.

Why is Threads not available in Europe?

For now, Threads is indeed the victim of geoblocking, preventing its download from the usual platforms such as the Play Store or the App Store in Europe. A situation that could be due to European regulations on the collection and use of personal data, which are much stricter than in the United States.

How to install Threads on Android?

Despite this blockage, Android smartphone users can still install Threads by downloading an APK file, the equivalent of an installation file for Android applications.

We have a tutorial on this, but here’s a quick version:

Here’s how:

  • Allow unknown sources. Go to your phone’s settings, Security section, and enable the “Install apps from unknown sources” option.
  • Download the APK. Find a reliable site that offers Threads APK and then download it. Make sure the file is safe: some APKs can be modified and corrupted. We have checked the APK that we offer you and ensure its reliability.
  • Install the app. Open the APK file from your device’s notifications or Downloads folder, then follow the instructions to install Threads.

The good news is that once installed, Threads works without VPN: the application will not be blocked if you use it from France.

However, it is crucial to pay attention to the source of the APK. Some APKs available online may be modified or corrupted, posing security risks. So it is better to use a reliable site to download the APK. We have checked the APK that we offer and can assure its reliability.

How to install Threads on iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone, the procedure is a little more complicated. You will indeed need to create a US Apple account to be able to download Threads from the US App Store. Here’s how:

  • Sign out of your current Apple account. Go to your iPhone settings, click on your name at the top, then sign out.
  • Create a new account. Return to the settings, then click on “Connect to your iPhone”. Choose “Create a new Apple ID,” then follow the instructions, making sure to choose the United States as the region.
  • Confirm your account. Apple will email you a verification code. Enter this code on your iPhone to complete your account creation.
  • Download Threads. Go to the App Store, or on this link, search Threadsthen download the app.

Once Threads is installed, you can return to your French Apple account by logging out of your US account and logging back into your regular account.

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