how to delete all unread emails at once

Your Gmail inbox is overflowing with useless unread messages and you can’t find how to delete them all at once? Here are the steps to follow !

In a perfect world, your Gmail inbox could delete unnecessary or unwanted messages that invariably end up in your inbox. But even in 2023, this is still not the case.

Advertisements, promotions, canvassing, newsletters, online order confirmation emails, social network notifications or simply all archived messages… These unread messages can cause the mailbox to overflow if you do not take the time to empty it regularly.

Fortunately, there is a little trick that allows you to delete all these unread emails at once without having to waste a lot of time selecting them in groups of 50. Here’s how to do it.

How to delete all unread emails in Gmail?

Gmail does not provide a direct option to delete all unread messages in its inbox. To achieve this, however, there is a very practical manipulation. Here are the steps to follow to switch all of these emails to “read” or simply to delete them:

On browser

  • Open your Gmail mailbox
  • Click on the button on the right in the search bar

  • Select “Unread Messages” from the “Search” menu
  • Create a search filter by selecting the desired date range. This will select all messages regarding this filter.
  • Click on ” To research
  • Select the square icon at the top left then click on ” Select all conversations matching the search“.

  • Then click on the trash can icon in the top menu and confirm the bulk action by clicking OK

On mobile

Whether on Android smartphone or iPhone, the procedure for deleting emails via the Gmail application is more tedious. There is no way to delete all messages in groups, but individually. On the other hand, the function is:unread is functional and displays all unread messages once it is entered in the search bar. The only solution is then to select all the emails one by one, which can take some time when the inbox is full.

If you don’t want to waste time, we advise you to go through your Gmail box on a browser as described above.

How to delete emails by year?

In order to save time, you can also enter the following command directly in the search bar by adding the desired dates concerning the messages to be selected:is:unread after:YYYY/MM/DD before:YYYY/MM/DD

Replace the A’s with the year, the M’s with the month, and the J’s with the day. So, if you want to clean up your Gmail box by deleting mails from a particular year, you can use this trick.

How to delete all messages from your Gmail inbox?

If you want to delete all messages and empty your Gmail box, the method is simpler:

  • Click on the small square at the top left of your inbox

  • Click on the sentence that will appear and allow you to select all the emails in your inbox

  • Click the Trash icon to empty your Gmail box.

Be careful, this last manipulation will delete all emails and completely empty your Gmail box, whether read and unread messages, but also archived messages.

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