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Here is how to consult the results of the 2023 baccalaureate online for the general, technological and professional streams.

Across France, this Tuesday, July 4 is a most important day for hundreds of thousands of people. Candidates for the 2023 baccalaureate today discover their results for the general, technological and professional sectors. These notes are obviously available in the premises of the establishments, but some may prefer not to move. No worries, the results of the 2023 baccalaureate are available online.

How to access the results of the 2023 baccalaureate online?

Official results can be obtained by visiting the website of the academy where your bac exam was taken. There is a specific page on the Ministry of National Education website for this. This is where you should go to check out your academy’s site. Please note that some academy results may not be available immediately, so you may need to check back later in the morning.

The Ministry of National Education and Youth provides a site on which you can consult the results of the 2023 baccalaureate online. The platform remains relatively simple to use, but still lacks a bit of efficiency. You will need several clicks before accessing the Grail.

On the home page, select the academy where you took the exam. You can use the map or directly go through the search bar.

Depending on your academy, the display of the page to which you will be redirected may vary greatly. For example, if you depend on the Orléans-Tours Academy, you will see different rectangles. On the Reims side, a picture appears. Do not panic, the information remains generally the same.

You just have to look for the section that suits you, “General baccalaureate», «Professional Bachelor», «Technical baccalaureate» or similar notions (some academies prefer to write « Bac » to shorten, others combine the professional and technical streams, etc.).

You will access a page grouping once again the different exams. You will have to click on the one that concerns you before you finally see a clickable link: “See the results by clicking HERE“.

You will finally come across a search bar in which you will have to enter your name to access your result. Attention, for obvious reasons, you will have to remember to identify yourself to see your notes.

You will find below the list of academies with a direct link to access them.

How to identify yourself to access the notes of the bac 2023

By choosing your academy, you will then display the official results of exams and competitions for the year 2023 by going to the Cyclades platform, which is used to manage exams and competitions. Then choose the diploma that concerns you (here the baccalaureate) and request the display of the results by typing the first letters of the surname.

The majority of candidates have been registered by their establishment and must bring their identifiers provided by the school, or use their candidate number indicated on their invitation (with their date of birth serving as a password).

Individual candidates must use their email address as their username and their Cyclades password.

What mark to have the baccalaureate?

In the general and technological baccalaureate, the final mark is now a mixture of continuous assessment which counts for 40% and examination which counts for 60%. The subjects are divided between these two assessments, with variable coefficients depending on the course (general or technological), the year of study (first or final), and the subject itself.

To obtain the baccalaureate, the candidate must have an average mark of 10/20 in all the tests.

In the calculation of the continuous assessment mark, based on the annual average of first and final school report cards, the following subjects are included:

  • Specialty (coefficient 8)
  • History-Geography (coef 6)
  • First living language (coef 6)
  • Second living language (coef 6)
  • Scientific education / Mathematics (coef 6)
  • Physical education and sports (coef 6)
  • Moral and civic education (coef 2)

Regarding the calculation of the exam mark, it includes the anticipated tests and the final tests:

  • French (coef 5 for writing, coef 5 for speaking)
  • First specialty education (coef 16)
  • Second specialty education (coef 16)
  • Philosophy (coef 16 in general, coef 4 in technology)
  • Grand oral (coef 10 in general, coef 14 in technology)

The system may seem complex. However, the Ministry of National Education provides documents to download to help calculate the baccalaureate mark. These documents include a table with the first and final grades, the coefficients, the calculations to be made and the final result. They are available for students following the general and technological pathway.

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