how to cancel your fiber subscription?

With the price war that operators are currently waging, it is very interesting to change Internet provider. How to do it ? In fact, it’s quite simple. To change ISP, follow the guide.

While it is now extremely easy to cancel a mobile plan, many customers still consider that changing fixed operator is long, restrictive and costly. That may have been true a year or two ago, but it’s not really the case now. Switching ISP or internet provider can be done in minutes. Here are some tips and information that it is better to know to make the task easier before taking action.

Should I cancel my subscription before changing Internet provider?

A few years ago, you had to write a termination letter to your operator to end your Internet subscription. From now on changing Internet operator is much simpler, at least, if you wish to keep your fixed telephone number while passing from your old to your new operator. In this case, it’s the new operator who takes care of everything. He will take charge of the subscription to the new contract, keep the fixed telephone number on the new Internet subscription and above all terminate the Internet subscription of the old operator.

As the ARCEP website (the French telecoms policeman) indicates: “ The subscriber must not terminate the contract which binds him to the operator he wishes to leave; it is the new operator of his choice who takes this step in his place as part of the implementation of his portability request. »

In other words, to change Internet operator, all you have to do is inform your new Internet provider that you want to take an offer from him to terminate his old contract. A simple phone call or online registration is then enough to change your ISP.. The latter will then ask you for your RIO number, in order to be able to keep your landline number. To access your RIO code, nothing could be simpler, just call 3179 from your landline. If this number does not work to change Internet operator, here is the full list of free numbers in 08 to dial to get your RIO code.

internet provider Free number to dial to get your RIO
Akeo Telecom 0800 71 3179
Budget Telecom 0800 71 3179
Bouygues Telecom 0800 943 943
Coriolis 0800 71 3179
Darty Telecom 0801 010 102
Free 0805 92 3179
Numericable 0805 85 89 85
Orange 0800 00 3179
OVH 0805 69 3179
Pricetel 0800 71 3179
SFR 0800 97 3179
UKtelecom 0800 71 3179
Virgo 0800 71 3179
France Telephony 0800 71 3179

How to change operator without Internet cut?

As mentioned above, portability is managed by your new Internet operator. Once your RIO code has been communicated, all you have to do is wait for your new ISP to install the Internet box in your home. However, if you are having Fiber installed for the first time, there will be a short delay depending on your operator. Do you need the Internet immediately while changing Internet providers? We advise you to visit our selection of 4G and 5G boxes.

How to change Internet operator without paying termination fees?

Here, there are no obvious answers: it depends on the context . Depending on the type of contract to which you subscribed with your previous operator, the reasons for which you are changing operator (are you moving? Have you lost your job?), your remaining commitment, or even if you are switching from ADSL to fiber, all at a potential cost. But there are commonalities to all these situations to be aware of.

Unlike mobile offers, all ISPs, whether Orange, Sosh, SFR, RED, Bouygues Telecom or Free, ask their customer to pay termination fees for your Internet boxif they want to go to one of their competitors. These fees vary from one operator to another, but are generally included in a range from 50 to 70 euros. Be careful, because if you terminate before the end of your commitment, you will also have to pay the end of your contract via termination fees. If you are at Orange, SFR or Free, the commitment period of your contract will be different.

The good news is that these same operators all almost systematically offer reimbursement offers for termination fees for the former operator’s Internet subscription. Reimbursements which can go up to 100 euros according to the offers of the ISPs and which are generally made directly on the invoices (and not in direct payment).

What are the best prices offered by ISPs to change boxes?

Here again everything depends on your needs when you change Internet operator. First of all, you need to know if you want a fiber or ADSL Internet subscription. Concretely if you want to have a very high speed (fiber) or “fast” (ADSL) connection. To do this, an eligibility test must be run. All ISPs offer one on their site. Next, you need to estimate your needs. Do you only need internet? Do you wish to associate the television with it? A mobile Internet subscription? Do you need an Internet offer for students? Do you plan to improve the speed of your Internet connection? For each addition, count one or more tens of euros in addition to the basic Internet subscription to the fixed Internet.

Finally, do you want to pay less for your Internet subscription? Try our flat rate price comparator to estimate your possible savings.

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