How this Roborock stick vacuum could overshadow Dyson

A powerful broom vacuum cleaner, connected and above all capable of vacuuming powerfully and washing floors at the same time, Roborock already offers this type of product. But with its new Dyad Pro Combo unveiled at IFA 2023, it improves the concept even further and adds new brushes for greater versatility.

The stick vacuum market is doing very well, and Dyson is certainly the manufacturer that is the best known despite the prices of its products. For its part, Roborock already has a broom vacuum model, the Dyad, which is now joined by the Dyad Pro Combo. It is supposed to make up for the shortcomings of its predecessor, such as a limited range of brushes. It was presented at IFA 2023 in Berlin alongside the Roborock Q5 Pro and Q8 Max.

The stick vacuum cleaner that wants to overshadow Dyson

With its new Dyad Pro Combo, Roborock completes its offering with a product that aims to be a complete 5-in-1. It will offer a suction power of 17,000 Pa, associated with a motorized brush for dry and wet suction.

In fact, thanks to its integrated water tank, it is capable of washing floors in addition to vacuuming them. It offers a capacity of 950 ml and a 770 ml dirty water tank completes the system. The latter is responsible for recovering dirty water during soil treatment.

In addition, it will even integrate a tray to add detergent which will be automatically injected into the system. Indeed, this vacuum cleaner is able to automatically detect the level and type of dirt, to better adapt the power of the vacuum cleaner. Its charging base allows you to start cleaning the brushes using water and the detergent integrated into the robot.

Brushes galore

Roborock does not just improve what already exists and completes its robot with brushes specific to certain uses.

So, we have a mini motorized brush to deeply vacuum beds and sofas. Add to that a 2-in-1 tip that allows you to treat fine spaces, angles with efficiency and you can add a soft mini-brush for greater efficiency.

The DyadPower Ends Mess is a module that incorporates three different brushes that rotate in opposite directions for even more efficient wet floor cleaning.

On the top, you also have a color LCD screen which gives you information on the power of the vacuum cleaner or its cleaning mode. It also offers an app to manually control the power and detergent level if you don’t want to activate the automatic function.

With the Roborock Dyad Pro Combo, the manufacturer announces a stick vacuum cleaner with high-end performance. If it does not offer as many brushes and accessories as Dyson, unlike the English manufacturer, wet floor cleaning is integrated. The Dyad Pro Combo will be available in October at a price of 659 euros.

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