how this kit will save them

The British company Boost announces that it will allow users of VanMoof connected electric bikes to modify the electronics of their electric bike. This will allow VanMoof bikes to continue to roll despite the company’s bankruptcy.

With the bankruptcy of the VanMoof brand, customers could be in a bind. If the liquidation is pronounced and the servers no longer work, thousands of electric bicycles could be completely inoperative. Fortunately, some companies have responded like Cowboy with its Bikey app. But another goes further by promising long-term use, keeping the connected side of the bikes.

A viable solution for VanMoof bikes

Because the limitation of the Bikey app is that it just supports lock and unlock function. Convenient in case of loss of the code programmed via the handlebar button. But then you don’t have the many advanced settings and statistics for your bike. Here, the British company Boost promises the use of VanMoof in the event of the total disappearance of the brand. This company specializes in the electrification of bicycles with a kit, like Virvolt, Zipforce or G-Boost.

“We have invested in the entire ecosystem for e-bikes, from the motor electronics to the digital speedometer app”says its founder and CEO Nick Bailey, “This means that we can quickly adapt our system to other manufacturers. We think the only way to keep VanMoofs on the road is to replace the controller. »

A VanMoof modification: where and at what price?

He says it will take time. The maneuver would only be planned from the end of September, and will only start on the Vanmoof S3 and X3. This therefore does not yet concern previous generations, nor the most recent ones such as the Vanmoof S5. And this is on one condition: if Vanmoof ceases to exist and to the bikes truly threatened with immobilization. We do hope that the situation improves and that a buyer returns to save the coat of arms.

Vanmoof S3

There is also the question of availability. The manager told us that she could deliver the kit outside the UK. “We need a minimum of customers committing to a purchase, so we will surely go through crowdfunding”supported N. Bailey.

The price is not yet defined, but he estimates it at around 500 dollars, or around 450 euros, not counting the intervention of the local repairer. But good news, Boost’s expertise will allow interaction with the bike via the app and Bluetooth, with regular updates.

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