How Porsche plans to become a central player in electric bikes

Wanting to find a place in high-end e-bikes, Porsche could soon build a motor factory for electric bicycles in Europe.

In recent years, Porsche has launched an offensive in electric bicycles, a real rarity for a car manufacturer. The Stuttgart firm actually invested by purchasing 100% of the engine manufacturer Fazua last year, and announced that it wanted to manufacture its own engines. These will equip Porsche electric bikes, and will be present “on products from other brands”. But where will they come from?

A Porsche bicycle engine factory in Croatia?

According to information from Croatian media Jutarnji List, Porsche could build a manufacturing site for electric bicycle motors. This factory would be the first for the brand in Croatia, a country which would not be chosen by chance.

Porsche electric bike motor

Indeed, Porsche invested in local Rimac electric cars in 2018, to the tune of several hundred million euros. Both will also take care of the electric future of Bugatti. A location near the headquarters of Sveta Nedelja, a few kilometers from Zagreb, would therefore not be surprising.

Porsche engines will bury Greyp electric bikes

In addition to this, Porsche has become a majority shareholder of Greyp, Rimac’s sister electric bike manufacturer. Porsche had already announced that its activities would be concentrated under the entity Porsche eBike Performance GmbH, also integrating the Fazua engines purchased in June 2022. But this will have a consequence, the Teutonic firm will bury the Greyp brand, which we have known since end of 2022.

On the other hand, we did not know that his bikes would disappear completely.

Greyp electric bikes

According to Bike EuropePorsche confirmed that investors “decided to focus on the main activity being the development and production of electric bicycle motors”. Still via the media, “Greyp electric bicycle activities will gradually close until December 31, 2023”. On the other hand, no figures on job losses, but after-sales service would continue to exist after 2024 for customers.

Only Porsche electric bikes will remain, such as the eBike Sport and Cross, as well as the new Cross Performance. But what about Cyklaer, a technological VAE developed with Greyp?

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