How internet users made Emmanuel Macron sing the tube “Liberated, Delivered”

In recent weeks, “AI covers” have multiplied: they are known songs taken over by celebrities. The problem is that they never sang them. In fact, the tracks were generated using artificial intelligence.

Squeezie singing Bohemian d’Aznavour, Emmanuel Macron who takes over the Snow Queen or even Freddie Mercury who sings the hit Thriller : all these covers never existed. All these songs that you may have seen in the news feeds of your social networks have indeed been generated by an artificial intelligence.

TikTok seizes fake covers made by AI

As the media specializing in social networks points out Spotters, AI-generated songs tend to invade social networks. For the media always, the first use “ popular would date from February: it would be a piece produced by David Guetta recreating the voice of Eminen. However, the two artists never collaborated.

A trend on TikTok would have followed (a “ trends “) Who ” consisted of creating short videos in which US Presidents Biden, Obama and Trump falsely played different video games together. The nature of artificial intelligence cover collaborations is plural. We find the features between rivals, like Booba and Rohff, or the resumption of a piece of Booba by Damso. There is also Frank Sinatra who takes over Levitating by Dua Lipa: a singer from a few decades ago covering a contemporary song. The other way around it can be rapper Damso singing Bohemian of Aznavour. The covers go even further: a generation of songs has allowed Drake to sing in French, a language he does not master.

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In fact, the diversions go so far that they are not limited to musical artists. Influencers, political figures, pop culture characters, etc. Many go through it and it must be recognized that some extracts are disturbingly realistic. This works all the better for rappers who usually use theauto tune (method of correction of singing by software that can produce a robotic effect) in order to bring a robotic grain to their voice. On TikTok, the hashtag #aicover has accumulated no less than 3.1 billion views at present

The legacy of YouTube Poops and mash-ups : montages go AI

All this is reminiscent of the phenomenon of ” YouTube Poop ”, which was very successful a few years ago on the Google platform. These are videos mixing various audio and/or video extracts in order to create a humorous montage. Mixing memes, vulgarity, absurdity, all with visual and sound effects, they are shared most of the time on YouTube.

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Another trend related to AI covers “, THE mash-ups musical. Many DJs try to create collaborations between artists by taking their tracks and mixing them. In the French-speaking world, the best known is undoubtedly Swann, who specializes in rap. With its mash-upshe was able to create pieces bringing together Ziak, Freeze Corleone, Ninho and Gazo in OPSP or even Nekfeu, Orelsan, Vald and Alpha Wann in NOVA.

AI trained to create music

Unlike the mash-ups or YouTube Poops, AI covers are not edits. What they create does not exist in the same form. In fact, these intelligent systems are trained using audio extracts where we hear the voices of the artists or celebrities who are covered. The more data there is, the more the ” work time of these AIs, the more convincing the result.

Several online services exist on the Internet. For a few euros or even for free, you can recreate the music of your choice yourself by using AIs. Some services even offer default and pre-trained voices, eliminating the need to add data yourself.

Celebrities get the most coverage, but not just because they’re famous

There is of course a bias in the generation of these voices. If accounts on social networks use the voices of celebrities (singers, influencers), it is first of all because they intrigue and therefore generate audience and views. However, this is not the only reason behind this.

A singer may have dozens of songs to their credit, media appearances like interviews, podcasts and live performances. This creates a lot of vocal snippets and the more there are, the more AI can be trained. The more an AI is trained, the better it is. This is why on some songs generated by AI, the result can be disturbing.

If the ” AI covers are displayed as such, they nevertheless resuscitate fears as to the deep fakes that could be created. Nothing would prevent anyone from falsifying a statement by a political figure and spreading it on social networks. A misuse with enormous potential consequences.

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