how Flipper Zero (or Tamagotchi of hackers) can hack your privacy

Two computer security experts highlight the potential of Flipper Zero in terms of hacking: they used the famous box to take control of sex toys.

This is enough to make Flipper Zero even more controversial. As a reminder, this very popular object on TikTok is nicknamed the “ Tamgotchi of hackers» as it allows you to easily hack several objects. We already know that the device, which takes the form of a small, harmless-looking white box, can neutralize an iPhone remotely. Here he is also capable of hacking… sex toys.

A most intimate hack

Matteo Mandolini and Luca Bongiorni, two researchers from Infosec (computer security specialist) detail their experience on the blogWe Hack In Disguise. Basically, the takeaway is that they found a way to use Flipper Zero to remotely hack adult toys, and thus control them.

The two specialists have also published a video to prove what they say in their article soberly entitled “Denial of pleasure“. Note that the two researchers seem to be amused by their discovery, given the comical music chosen for the video demo.

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How did they do it? Concretely, they used the advantages of Flipper Zero to take control of sex toys normally managed remotely by the Love Spouse application. This has more than 500,000 downloads on the Play Store and uses a Bluetooth LE connection to activate or deactivate intimate toys.

Using data collected with the nRF Connect application, the two specialists were able to configure Flipper Zero so that it imitated the instructions sent by Love Spouse to the devices to be hacked.

Matteo Mandolini and Luca Bongiorni thus affirm that they can “create a Denial of Pleasure» by continually broadcasting the instruction to deactivate sex toys. Beyond an attack compromising the victim’s private data, it is therefore their intimate life that can be targeted.

A controversial and popular product

Enough to highlight existing concerns around Flipper Zero. The device can be used to spot and compromise a plethora of wireless signals to launch nefarious attacks — although not necessarily as incongruous as the one described by Matteo Mandolini and Luca Bongiorni.

The Flipper Zero is enjoying real success as evidenced by its product sheet on Amazon where the label “best sale“.

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