How do I schedule a Wi-Fi outage?

All savings are good to take, right? Even for your Wi-Fi! Here is the procedure to follow to automatically cut your wireless network according to your operator.

So consider that all means are good to save money in addition to doing something for the planet. Regarding the famous Wi-Fi in any case, there is a very simple way to cut it without having to turn off and on again your box or router each time: the wifi scheduler. This is very practical since it will automatically deactivate the wireless network of your box, then reactivate it according to the time slots you have chosen. It can also, for example, allow you to regulate your children’s network consumption by defining a defined range of use.

This mode therefore makes it possible to significantly reduce your electricity consumption over the year at home or in the workplace (even if largely negligible) while helping to regulate its use in a personal, family or professional way.

Depending on your internet box or third-party router, the procedure may vary. It is even possible that this function is not even implemented, but in general the approach remains the same:

  1. Enter theIP adress of your device in a browser (usually or go to the admin console (TP-Link, Asus, Netgear, D-Link, Lynksys, Xiaomi, etc.);
  2. Meet in Wifi settings ;
  3. Activate the function Wi-Fi Programming Or Wi-Fi Time Rangeby creating a profile.

How to plan a Wi-Fi cut via an Orange Livebox?

It is possible to perform this operation via the PC interface. Just go to the tab my WiFi Then Wifi settingsand finally select Sleep and Wi-Fi Scheduler.

It is also possible to perform the maneuver from the My Livebox application available on iOS and Android.

Meet in Wifi settings activate the Wi-Fi planning and define a time slot for standby or cut off of the Wi-Fi network.

How to plan a Wi-Fi cut via an SFR Box?

To carry out this process, you will necessarily have to go through the management interface of your SFR box via an internet browser, the SFR and Me application not allowing you to manage the advanced Wi-Fi settings of your box.

To do this, go to the management interface of the Box SFR via the address Attention, if you have an SFR THD box access to the interface is via the address http://mymodem or with the IP address

Once logged in, go to the tab eco-friendlyThen Schedule . You can then choose one or more Wi-Fi cut-off time slots with the dedicated interface.

Depending on the model of your box (the most common being the Box NB6), you can manually activate or deactivate the eco mode via the button opposite provided for this purpose and, with it, the hourly planning of your Wi-Fi.

How to plan a Wi-Fi outage via a Bbox Bouygues Télécom?

Again, Bouygues does not allow you to perform this operation from the mobile application, so you have to go through the management interface of your Bbox via an internet browser.

Once logged in, go to the tab Wireless then in Time slots and activate the option to define your own wireless network shutdown routine.

How to plan a Wi-Fi cut via a Freebox?

Again, the approach is the same, whether via a browser or the mobile application of Free.

On a PC, open an internet browser and enter the management interface, also called Freebox OS. Once authenticated, go to the menu Wirelessthen in the section Local Network . Then click on Manage planningto display a calendar and define the cut-off time range of your choice. You can even set a custom time range based on the device connected to your network of choice if you want to limit Wi-Fi usage on it via the Parental Screening .

Free launches Freebox OS and the Freebox Companion application

On mobile, download then install the Freebox Connect application available on iOS and Android. Once authenticated and your Freebox recognized by the application, go to the tab Network Then Scheduled Wi-Fi shutdownin order to define a cut-off time range for the home wireless network.


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