How Apple would like to link the iPhone 15 to the Vision Pro

While Apple’s Vision Pro is scheduled for early 2024 and the iPhone 15 is due out in September, the manufacturer would like to integrate its smartphone with its first mixed reality headset. Some details about the iPhone 15 leaked, here they are.

A few weeks ago, Apple presented its Vision Pro, its first mixed reality headset. The promise of a spatial computing with huge windows, but also the integration of the Apple ecosystem, which makes it famous. To achieve this, the brand will have to review its iPhone, in particular the iPhone 15, as explained by the Ming-Chi Kuo analysis on Twitter.

An iPhone 15 boosted on connectivity

First revelation from Ming-Chi Kuo: the hardware specifications of the next iPhone would be greatly improved. The UWB chip would go from 16 nm etching to just 7 nm etching. A change in manufacturing that would offer more performance at short range (you can put more transistors there) while reducing power consumption.

Currently, Apple integrates its own U1 chip in the iPhone, we can think that this new chip is called the U2. As a reminder, UWB is a wireless connection standard, like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. has an AirTag for example.

Another change to come, this time on the iPhone 16: it would switch to Wi-Fi 7, a new Wi-Fi connection standard. This standard should allow more Apple products to work on the same wireless network, in order to have a best ecosystem experience “.

Kuo is thinking in particular of the Apple Vision Pro, for whom these changes should offer faster file transfer, less latency in receiving notifications from the iPhone directly in the Vision Pro or even greater fluidity with regard to the smartphone screen display on headphones. But we can of course think that if the iPhone 15 does indeed integrate these new standards, it is not only because of the arrival of the Vision Pro. The U1 chip arrived on the iPhone 11, almost four years ago. It seems logical that Apple wants to make it evolve. The same goes for the arrival of Wi-Fi 7: the standard was presented last year at CES and the first compatible products are starting to arrive.

Apple’s challenge: integrating the Vision Pro into its ecosystem

For Ming-Chi Kuo, there is no doubt: ” the ecosystem is one of the key success factors for the Vision Pro, including integration with other Apple hardware products “. We can therefore imagine the possible integrations between the Vision Pro and the rest of Apple’s products, thanks to the visionOS operating system.

In reality, it’s not very complicated: the Vision Pro looks a lot like a computer (yes, yes). Quick connection with AirPods, AirDrop, listening to music on HomePod, etc. Everything should be there and everything will have to be there if Apple wants to democratize mixed reality headsets, as Apple has democratized wireless headphones and smartphones.

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