Here’s why Apple doesn’t play smart with AI

Compared to its competitors, Apple is very discreet when it comes to AI. Asked about this by an analyst during the last presentation of the results of his group, Tim Cook was able to explain.

In an interview with Apple shareholders, Tim Cook explained why the company is (much) more discreet than some competitors when it comes to AI. And in this case, the reason for this modesty is linked as much to the strategy of the brand as to its usual approach with the technologies that make the buzz.

If you take a step back, we see AI and machine learning as foundational technologies that are integral to virtually every product we build.said Tim Cook, questioned by an analyst surprised by Apple’s apparent silence on AI during the firm’s latest earnings presentation.

The Apple executive nevertheless added that the AI ​​had been ” absolutely essential for[eux] » and that Apple « has been researching a wide range of AI technologies for years, including generative AI“.

Apple does not want us to take its discretion for inaction

As for Apple’s discretion itself? Tim Cook is satisfied with a statement that could not be simpler: “we tend to announce things as they come to market, and that’s our modus operandi“. A strategy actually usual at Apple. “Apple’s reluctance to get caught up in the AI ​​hype is consistent with the brand’s approach“, has also commented Dipanjan Chatterjee, analyst for Forrester.

As specifiedMarketWatch, which relays these words to us, the firm has also recently announced several features related to AI. During the last WWDC, for example, it unveiledLive Voicemail, a feature of iOS 17 that allows users to read in real time the transcription of a voicemail message left on their mailbox. Last year, Apple also unveiledCrash Detectiona function integrated into the iPhone 14 allowing this time to automatically detect car accidents or collisions in order to prevent help as quickly as possible.

Note for the rest that Apple did talk about generative AI not long ago… but internally. We learned a few weeks ago that the brand had indeed forbidden its employees to use AI developed by other companies. It is also rumored that the firm has already started developing its own version of ChatGPT.

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