here’s what costs the most to maintain

A survey of more than 5,000 Dutch people highlights the main maintenance costs of an electric bike. Spoiler: the battery hurts the wallet the most.

Multiscope, a Dutch company specializing in online studies, has published the results of its latest survey conducted among a panel of 5,000 Dutch people. The subject: the maintenance costs of an electric bike. This project resulted in several interesting averages and lessons to be highlighted.

Already, the annual Dutch market for the maintenance of electric bicycles stands at 217 million euros, for an average expenditure of 39 euros per year. Which is very reasonable. The survey details the most expensive maintenance. Unsurprisingly, the battery dominates the ranking.

Specialized stores are preferred

Maintaining an accumulator costs on average 79 euros. It is generally one of the two most expensive components along with the engine, and requires special expertise to repair it. It is therefore relatively logical that its average cost soars compared to other equipment.

Basic maintenance follows – the study does not give details on this – recorded at 48 euros, closely followed by the engine (31 euros), the tires (29 euros), the brakes (19 euros) or even lighting (9 euros). In 64% of cases, the maintenance of an electric bike concerns basic maintenance, specifies the survey.

Vanmoof Revive Upway repair

Where do Dutch cyclists go to get their cycles serviced? For 70% of them, it is a question of entrusting it to a specialized bicycle store. This generally reassures and inspires confidence. For 11% of respondents, repairs are carried out by the manufacturer.

Finally, 10% of electric bike owners take care of their cycle themselves, while 2% simply entrust them to an individual. Interesting figure: 7% of users do not maintain their mounts.

What about the French?

In France, we have some figures recently published by UFC-Que Choisir. A study carried out among 3,000 e-bike owners made it possible to calculate an average for repairs: 51 euros per year, a figure higher than that of Dutch users. On the other hand, only 40% of respondents spend money to repair their cycle.

If you are interested in this topic, CssTricks has written a complete file to give you the few keys you need to know to maintain your electric bike yourself.

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