Here’s how to sell your smartphone at the best price thanks to Rakuten

Have you just changed your smartphone and no longer have anything to do with the old model? There is still time to resell it. Rakuten offers a turnkey and secure solution to sell your mobile to other individuals. We will explain everything to you.

This long-awaited package has finally arrived, with a brand new smartphone in it ready to be unboxed. An immense satisfaction, yet struck by this practical question: “what am I going to be able to do with my old mobile?”

If it is too late to request a trade-in of your previous smartphone, its resale is still possible. Rakuten, one of the largest French online marketplaces, has the right solution.

Not only does the platform help you estimate the right selling price for your mobile, but it also takes care of securing the transaction. Everything is gathered to facilitate this resale. We explain in detail how to proceed.


If you have never bought or sold on the Rakuten site, before even thinking about the content of your ad, you must create an account. This procedure is quick and totally free.

To do this, start by clicking on the “To put up for sale” Then “Sell ​​a product as an individual”. The site then invites you to identify yourself, or to create an account.

Now is also the time to join Rakuten’s Club R loyalty program for free. Thanks to it, with each of your purchases on the site, Rakuten automatically credits your kitty up to 5% of the amount of the order. These credits can then be used in your future purchases on the site. Joining Club R also gives access to exclusive promotions, spread throughout the year.

Preparing the groundwork for your ad

Before moving on to writing the ad itself, a photo shoot is essential. No one likes to shop blind based on a simple description. Showing the smartphone from different angles is essential to inspire and above all to reassure potential interested parties of its condition.

It’s time to put your brand new smartphone to good use and discover all its photography skills. But beware of abusive visual effects! The idea is to show the mobile without distorting it and without hiding any snags and scratches. Once the best shots have been selected, you have to move on to estimating the selling price of your old smartphone.

On this point, Rakuten has thought of everything. The site lists a fairly wide range of new and used smartphones. Your model is certainly one of them. Then launch a search from the bar at the top of the page, indicating the name of the mobile, the brand, the amount of RAM and its storage capacity. The site then displays the exhaustive list of references corresponding to this request, with in particular the lowest price for a second-hand model.

Please note, this amount is only indicative for the time being and must be refined according to the state of your smartphone. Then click on the button “See the product” to find out how much the models equivalent to yours are on sale for. Logically, a smartphone in excellent condition is worth more than a scratched model.

Write an attractive ad

That’s it, it’s finally time to work on your ad! To enter it, several solutions are available to you, but the easiest is to directly search for the model of your smartphone on the Rakuten site. Once you find it, just click on “Sell ​​yours”. This is the most reliable way to ensure your ad is listing the right product.

After indicating the overall condition of the mobile, its selling price, then integrating the most beautiful photos that you have captured beforehand, it’s time to write!

At the risk of frustrating the most beautiful feathers, the important thing during this step is to describe your smartphone as factually as possible. Although Rakuten lets you write long prose, it’s best to stick to the basics. Above all, potential buyers want to know:

  • what is the color of the smartphone;
  • if it has a few rips or scratches on its hull or on the screen;
  • if sold in its original box;
  • whether the charger, as well as other accessories such as a cover or a pair of headphones are supplied with it;
  • if the device is still under warranty and in this case if the invoice is sent in the package.

The idea is therefore to provide enough concrete elements to avoid unpleasant surprises for the buyer. Indeed, if the latter considers that the smartphone received does not conform to the description, he can then file a complaint on the Rakuten site, explaining the failure. You then have 3 days to discuss with the buyer and find a way out.

If no common ground is found or if you do not respond within the time limit, Rakuten’s customer service takes over and requests evidence from the acquirer. Such a procedure may lead to the reimbursement of the product or the imposition of a discount, if it turns out that the complaint is justified. Hence the importance of writing your ad well, with the greatest transparency.

Set up shipping for your mobile

Rakuten does not stock products sold by individuals. It is then up to you to forward the package to the buyer. Fortunately, the e-commerce site has everything planned to make this process easier for you.

Rakuten offers you either to deliver the product personally to the purchaser, or to send it by post. He can then choose to receive it by registered mail, Colissimo or Chronopost at the address of his choice. A final option allows you to ship the package to the relay point of your choice. The shipment is then made either via Shop2Shop by Chronopost, or via Mondial Relay. In any case, the shipment is entirely at his expense.

Concretely, as soon as a person places the order, you automatically receive an alert by email, asking you to confirm within 48 hours that the item is still available at the price indicated. After validating this point, all you have to do is print the dispatch note, stick it on your parcel, then drop it off at a post office or at a Mondial Relay or PickUp (Shop2Shop by Chronopost) point, depending on customer preferences.

And that’s all ! As soon as the customer confirms on the Rakuten site that he has received the package or, in the absence of validation on his part, 3 days after the sending of the smartphone, the e-commerce company automatically credits you with the desired amount on your personal account. This amount can then be used as a contribution for your next shopping session on the merchant site. But you can also decide to transfer the funds to your bank account, after indicating your IBAN in the “My Wallet” section of your Rakuten account.

Note that this whole sale procedure between individuals can also be done entirely via the “Rakuten Buy & Sell online” application. It’s even easier than from a PC, with the barcode scanner feature allowing you to quickly search the site for any listings relating to the product you want to sell. The application also allows you to negotiate with the buyer and finalize the sale.

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