here is the winner of the latest CssTricks photo competition

For this new edition of the CssTricks photo competition, exceptionally five photos made it to the final… but only one was able to win.

This fortnight, the CssTricks photo competition returned with a free theme. It didn’t matter the subject, technique or theme of your photo, all you had to do was share with us the photo you took that you are most proud of.

And for now, without any constraints, there are many of you participating, with nearly fifty candidate photos. Exceptionally, we selected not four, but five finalist photos: those of Elie, Agathe, Richard, Lionel and Tristan.

It was ultimately the photo of Lionel falling from his bike, visible below and largely – but excellently – staged, which won the votes. As a reminder, here is what he said about his photo:

I am passionate about photography, but above all I like working with the absurd by creating scenes that are often offbeat and imaginary. In any case, I always take on this exercise with great pleasure and passion. Today I am devoid of any social networks but I still have a few photos in stock that I like. So let me send you the photo that I am most proud of. This is a reconstruction of a bicycle fall taken on a mountain trail in Beuil in the Alpes Maritimes. What I like about this photo is the teamwork and coordination behind it. To reveal behind the scenes, there is, off-camera, a friend who throws my bike in the air, another who throws dirt on me, another who throws the glasses, one who presses the button on my camera and me on the ground simulating a fall.

Photo of Lionel taken with the Sony HX90V

Behind, we find, in order, the photo of Richard, then that of Agathe, that of Elie and finally that of Tristan.

On the occasion of this final designation, the CssTricks editorial team wanted to thank all the participants and all the voters of this edition of the photo competition, but also of previous editions. Congratulations also to the various winners: Lionel, Jules, Renaud, Théo, Nils, Delphine, and Yohan (twice). This was indeed CssTricks’s last regular photo competition. We do not prohibit ourselves from repeating the exercise in the long term, more punctually, but there will no longer be a competition every fortnight.

It was a real pleasure to discover, each week, your photographic expression, the original framing and the play of light that you shared with us. Thank you.

Photo by Richard: Lighthouse

The place is the Phare du Petit Minou at the exit of Brest harbor. The photo was taken with a Fuji X-S10, Fuji 22 mm f2.0 lens and with a long exposure technique of 2 min. What is interesting is that we can see a second lighthouse, that of Pointe du Toulinquet on the right side as well as the lights of the town of Camaret sur Mer in the background.

Photo of Richard taken with Fujifilm X-S10

Photo of Agathe: Diving

My name is Agathe, I am 26 years old and I have been passionate about photography for many years. Last summer, I started underwater photography and it was a real turning point for me! The approach we have in the water is totally different from that on land. Light management is not the same, movements are limited, post-production is complex. I see new challenges there that I am ready to take on! I am attaching my photograph that I would like to submit to the competition, it was taken with the DJI Action 3 this summer at the Eco Museum located on St Marguerite Island. These statues were created by the artist Jason deCaires Taylor who wants to raise awareness about the preservation of the marine ecosystem through displays around the world.

Photo of Agathe taken at the DJI Osmo Action 3

Photo of Elie: End of the world

Photo taken by my 8 year old daughter with her phone from our balcony one evening in September 2023 in Montreuil 93. We have a very beautiful view from our house and the sunsets are usually very “California Sunset”. The very pronounced red color on the day the photo was taken is due to sand from the SAHARA which was traveling in the atmosphere at that time. This photo gives an atmosphere of the end of the world due to global warming. There is no filter, I just taught my daughter at the time that to take beautiful sunsets, you had to close the lens as much as possible, and I think she learned the lesson well. The framing is her doing, which I am very proud of (she frames better than me).

Photo of Elie taken with the Honor 7X

Tristan Photo: Rosée

Here is the photo that means the most to him. I took it with my OnePlus 7 smartphone. It’s just a close-up of catnip on the windowsill. In the background the sky and the trees along the Berry canal which crosses the town of Bourges where I live. I like this photo for the blur effect and the colors. I find the dew drops that have settled on the blades of grass cool, because the photo was taken early in the morning.

Photo of Tristan taken on OnePlus 7

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