here is the tip to take advantage of it

If free VPNs are to be avoided, how can you try a premium VPN without putting your hand in your pocket? Surfshark lets you test its service for free for a month thanks to a trick.

CssTricks repeats it: you should be wary of free VPNs. Firstly, because their performance is poor, but above all because they do not guarantee any connection security. A shame for a VPN.

However, there is a way to benefit from a quality VPN like Surfshark’s for free. The value for money champion allows everyone to benefit from a free month. This while taking advantage of the money-back guarantee that the service applies. Here’s how to take advantage of it.

Surfshark: how to get a free month

Hold on tight. To try Surfshark for free, you must first subscribe to the service… and pay a subscription. The 24-month one is currently priced from 2.21 euros per month + 3 months free.

Indeed, Surfshark does not strictly speaking offer a free month, but rather a 30-day money-back guarantee. After subscribing, you have one full month to try the service, and withdraw in order to request a refund. Customer service generally grants it to you without asking too many questions.

How to benefit from it? Simply contact customer service within 30 days to request a refund of the subscription. You can do this from the chat integrated into the site or application, or by email to The money is then transferred to the payment method used during subscription.

Please note, however, that only subscriptions purchased directly on the Surfshark website benefit from the money-back guarantee. This is not the case for purchases made from iTunes, the App Store, Amazon, or a gift card.

Why choose Surfshark VPN?

VPN services are legion in 2023. So, why turn to Surfshark, and not another? The shark service includes certain specificities that are specific to it and which set it apart from the competition.

The number of connections is unlimited

Using Surfshark simultaneously on your smartphone, your computer, your tablet, and why not those of your loved ones, it’s possible. Indeed, something rare, the service does not impose a connection limit. Which means that you can connect to several people, and on several devices, without restriction. A definite advantage for additional savings.

Quality service

If Surfshark is among the VPNs recommended by CssTricks, it is also thanks to the quality of the services included. With Surfshark, you have:

  • access to more than 3,200 servers in more than 100 countries;
  • servers capable of bypassing geoblocks;
  • different connection protocols, including the efficient WireGuard (open-source);
  • advanced features, such as kill switchTHE split tunnelingor double VPN;
  • etc.

An application for all media

macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux… It’s simple, Surfshark has an application on almost every device imaginable. There are even extensions for major browsers. By subscribing to Surfshark, you are guaranteed to be able to use it on all your devices with a screen and capable of connecting to the internet.

An application that is as complete as it is simple to use. Just one click is enough to encrypt and relocate your connection to the country of your choice. For the more expert, the parameters allow you to act on a number of advanced settings.

Last advantage: value for money

The ultimate advantage of Surfshark, and not the least, lies in its value for money. Currently on promotion for the start of the school year, the Surfshark VPN subscription is available from 2.21 euros per month for two years. Three additional months are also offered, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark also has two additional subscriptions, which offer even more cybersecurity tools, and they are also on sale.

The first is Surfshark One, displayed at 3.10 euros per month for two years, again with three additional months free. It includes, in addition to the VPN subscription, Surfshark Antivirus and Surfshark Alert. This latest solution scans the web and automatically warns you when your personal data is disclosed.

Surfshark One+ is the latest subscription, and it is the most premium. It is priced at 5.77 euros per month for two years + 3 months free. With the latter, the service is able to request the deletion of your data from data brokers on your behalf. Companies that store them and resell them for advertising purposes.

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