here is the new electric car from Huawei, which arrives in Europe with its XXL autonomy

The Chinese brand Avatr Technology is preparing to take its first steps in Europe at the Munich show. The firm, the result of cooperation between Huawei, Changan Automobile and CATL, will indeed unveil its Avatr 12 electric sedan, also called Avita 12. Here are all the details on this new electric car.

If we already know many Chinese manufacturers like MG but also Nio, Xpeng or BYD, other unknown ones are also starting to eye Europe. This is for example the case of Avatr Technologywhich is none other than a joint venture created by three giants of the Middle Kingdom, namely Huawei, Changan Automobile and CATL.

Tesla Cruncher

If the firm specializing in the development of smartphones does not yet produce its own electric car, it is already working with other manufacturers to design new models. This is the case of the Luxeed S7 and EH3, as well as the recent Avatr 12 (Avita 12) unveiled at the end of last July. This is a large, high-end electric sedan that supports the Avatr 11 (Avita 11) presented a little earlier.

Inspired by the Polestar 4, among others, this new addition to the range will obviously initially be sold in China. However, it should subsequently also be marketed in Europe. In fact, the Chinese site It Home informs us that Avatr Technology brand will be present at the next Munich IAA, which will open its doors to the public on September 5. The Survoltés editorial team will be on hand to help you discover this edition.

5 meters long and 2.0 meters wide and a height displayed at 1.46 meters, this new arrival on the market should tickle the Tesla Model S as well as the BYD Seal which is also arriving here. Unsurprisingly, the style is very futuristic and refined, while the full grille is framed by C-shaped optics that descend to the shield. The latter still includes a large air intake at the bottom.

In profile, the sedan displays an elongated and elegant silhouette, while the rear part reminds us in particular of the Porsche Panamera. It is based on large 20 or 21 inch rims, depending on customer choice. The latter will also be able to opt for camera mirrors, in order to slightly improve the Cx (drag coefficient) and therefore the autonomy”. The latter, however, was not communicated.

The Porsche Taycan in sight

For the moment, nothing has been said either about the interior of this new arrival, which will be equipped with several screens integrating the HarmonyOS infotainment system. Habitability should be there with its wheelbase of 3.02 meters. Many other technologies will be offered, including autonomous driving type L2+ Huawei ADS 2.0that is to say located between levels 2 and 3. For this, the sedan will be equipped with a LiDAR sensor.

The new Avatr will be available in two versions, with one or two electric motors supplied by Huawei. The first will display a power of 313 horsepower at the rear, while the second will claim no less than 578 horsepower distributed between the two axles. Enough to compete head-on with the Porsche Taycan 4S. The battery is designed by CATL, which has factories in Europe.

The propulsion version will display a capacity of 90.4 kWh and the highest-performance variant will go up to 116.8 kWh, which is huge. The range is announced at 800 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle, which corresponds to approximately 680 kilometers WLTP. The charging power and time required have not been announced for this NMC (nickel – manganese – cobalt) type battery.

Displayed between 300,900 yuan and 400,000 yuan, i.e. the equivalent of approximately 38,000 to 55,000 euros, the new Avatr 12 will compete with the Nio ET7 and other Mercedes EQE, among others. Although its price appears to be very reasonable, we should however expect a strong increase once it is sold in Europe. But we will still have to wait, its official launch date having not been communicated.

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