Here is the largest electric car charging station in the world: simply impressive

The Chinese manufacturer BYD, present in France and Tesla’s biggest competitor, has joined forces with the oil group Shell to open the largest charging station for electric cars in the world. The latter has just been inaugurated in Shenzhen and is equipped with 258 rapid terminals.

While many motorists still worry about the range of electric cars, this aspect is in fact less and less of a problem. And for good reason, the number of terminals continues to increase, while there are more than 100,000 in France alone. So, it is no longer necessary to be able to travel long distances on a single charge, let alone have a large battery.

A world record

But France is obviously not the only country in the world where we note a strong increase in the number of charging stations. This is of course also the case in China, where many manufacturers are developing their own solutions. We think, for example, of Nio, with its phenomenally powerful 500 kW terminal now installed in Europe too, but not only.

Another brand also wants to establish itself in the charging station market. This is BYD, which is currently and for several months the world number 2 in electric vehicles, behind Tesla and ahead of Volkswagen. The manufacturer, which is considering launching its small Seagull in Europe and which unveiled its Denza D9 in Munich, still has other plans.

Among them, offer your own network of charging stations, a bit like Tesla already does with its Superchargers or Nio with its battery exchange stations. But the Chinese manufacturer, whose Dolphin we were able to test a few weeks ago, does not wish to embark on the adventure alone. This is how he just tied a partnership with the oil group Shell.

In a press release, the latter announces the opening ofa brand new charging station, located just 2.5 kilometers from Shenzhen International Airport, China. And this new inauguration is far from trivial. And for good reason, this station is now the largest in the whole worldjust that.

More than 200 terminals

In fact, this new station offers no less than 258 charging stations, the power of which has not yet been officially revealed. We know that Shell offers wallboxes delivering up to 22 kW, but the photos published by the company rather reveal real terminals which are undoubtedly a little faster, since we can distinguish powers of 250 and 400 kW (surely in 800 volt architecture). For the record, the maximum power offered in Europe was 400 kW before the arrival of Nio.

The oil group, which created a joint venture with BYD, emphasizes that more than 3,300 electric cars have already benefited of this station during the first test phase. But in addition to its large capacity, the latter also offers numerous services, such as vending machines, a café and a lounge allowing motorists to relax while charging.

Which reminds us of the network of stations created by Audi and that of Porsche, which offers terminals up to 300 kW for its Taycan. The Shell press release also specifies that the station is equipped witha roof made of solar panels, which can generate up to 300,000 kWh of renewable energy. The latter is then used to recharge electric cars.

What reduce the price of the load, which has not yet been announced, since the latter depends less on the public network and possible tensions. A solution also chosen by Fastned and Tesla with its V4 Superchargers.

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