Here is the interior of the future Peugeot 3008, with its incredible digital panel

A few months before its reveal, Peugeot is lifting the veil on the driving position of the next generation of its 3008, which will be available in 100% electric. The firm is developing its i-Cockpit in depth and offering it a huge 21-inch touch screen.

If Peugeot seems to be lagging behind some of its competitors who already have a wide electric range, the manufacturer is keen to speed up the pace. It already offers its e-208, which is still a hit on the French market, as well as its e-2008 and recently lifted the veil on its electric 308. A similar version of the 408 is also planned for a little later.

A completely redesigned interior

But the tricolor firm does not intend to stop there. It plans to launch a whole new generation of its 3008, which remains one of its best-selling models, despite its age. For the record, the current version was launched in 2016 and restyled in 2020. It is therefore high time for the SUV to renew itself, which is precisely what the manufacturer is working on.

And if Peugeot seems to believe in synthetic fuels, like the rest of the Stellantis group, it is towards electricity that it intends to turn for this next generation. As announced in a press release, it will now take the form of a fastback SUV and should evolve in depth. And this both in terms of exterior and interior design, as shown by the manufacturer.

The latter actually reveals some images of the new cockpit, which no longer has much to do with the one we know today. Peugeot announces that its future 3008 will be equipped with an unprecedented ” Panoramic i-Cockpit“. The latter does things in a big way since he equips himself witha huge 21 inch slab. This is even more than the already very impressive 17 inches of the first generation of the Tesla Model S!

The latter adopts a curved design and actually combines two screens: a acting as a digital handset and the other integrating the entire infotainment system. Everything is positioned high in front of the driver’s eyes for maximum visibility and to prevent the driver from having to look away from the road. Accessibility is also facilitated by shortcuts thanks to i-Toggles tactile.

A practical driving position

For the moment, the lion manufacturer does not really communicate on the technologies embedded in the touch screen of its future Peugeot e-3008. It is still believed that the latter will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, although this is not yet confirmed. Peugeot insists on the fact that significant work has also been done on the ergonomics of the driving position, which is intended to be very airy.

In particular, the automatic gearbox control has been moved to the right of the steering wheel, probably inspired a little by Tesla, who chose to put it on the steering column. There are more storage spaces while the electric SUV will be equipped withan induction charger for the smartphone. Expected for the end of the year or the beginning of 2024, this new generation will be based on a variation of the EMP2 platform and will offer thermal and electric engines.

It is of course the latter that interest us, while the SUV could display a range of up to 700 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. A figure which must be taken with tweezers and which could in reality be much lower in real conditions. The Peugeot e-3008 should board 104 kWh ACC batteries which could be made in France. The power could oscillate between 200 and 350 horsepower depending on the two- or four-wheel drive configuration.

The load could reach 200 kW for the electric SUV, which will hunt on the land of Renault Mégane E-Tech, Tesla Model Y and other Volkswagen ID.4. It will take between 45 and 65,000 euros approximately to offer you a copy of this new generation.

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