here is the Alaska pickup, the Pear compact SUV and the sporty Ronin

From the Ocean to Alaska, via the Pear and the Ronin, Fisker plans to confront Tesla. In an event in Huntington Beach, Calif., Fisker unveiled its future plans and prototypes, with plenty of announcements.

Fisker’s arrival on the electric car scene has generated a lot of excitement and anticipation. From the Ocean to the highly anticipated Alaska, Fisker plans to go up against Tesla. In an event in Huntington Beach, Calif., Fisker unveiled its future plans and prototypes, with plenty of announcements.

CEO Henrik Fisker was the master of ceremonies, it was the latter that we met during our test of the Ocean.


The Alaska (yes, the same name as Renault’s pickup) was touted as Fisker’s all-electric luxury pickup. Built on a platform similar to the Ocean, the FT31 platform, this pick-up is planned to be built by Magna Steyr in Europe.

The Alaska has been dubbed the “Ferrari of pickups” by Henri Fisker, and marks a milestone in the company’s electric vehicle lineup. With stiff competition against giants like the Rivian R1T, Tesla Cybertruck and Ford F-150 Lightning, the Alaska is looking to stand out with its unique features and design.

Although engine performance details have not been revealed, Fisker has announced up to 547 km of range on the WLTP combined cycle and unique features like the Houdini chest.

This system allows the rear cab window and rear wall to be lowered, opening the cab to the truck bed and lengthening the entire area (when the tailgate is lowered). This can provide a sort of sleeping platform for owners or be used to carry longer items. For outdoor enthusiasts and campers, this feature could be a major selling point.

It should please, especially in the United States where the pickup is king. The starting price before incentives is $45,400, but with the aids it could go down to $37,900.

The Pear

The Pear, short for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, is a compact SUV that Fisker plans to build with Foxconn, we’ve known about it since 2022, but this is the first time we’ve seen it.

It symbolizes Fisker’s ambition to make electric vehicles more accessible to the general public. The Pear is built on what Fisker calls the SLV1 platform, or Single Light Volume, which promises a lightweight and energy-efficient construction. With an all-steel body and frame, the design seems to aim for simplicity and efficiency.

The Pear is announced with a range of 483 km on the WLTP combined cycle, which places it in a very correct range for a compact electric SUV. While specific performance details are not yet available, the focus on simplicity and efficiency could indicate a practical, everyday approach rather than sport performance.

Fisker is banking on volume with the Pear, noting that the factory in Lordstown, Ohio, USA, will increase production to up to 250,000 Pear per year. The overall goal is to build 1 million Pear per year worldwide, an ambitious figure that shows Fisker’s intention to democratize electric.

It must be said that the Pear will be priced at $29,900 before aids, a price that could make it very attractive to a wide range of buyers looking to go electric.

Ronin and Ocean Force E

Fisker also gave a new look at the Ronin, a prototype meant to mark Henrik Fisker’s return to the high-end luxury sports car market, and the Force E, an off-road version of the Ocean SUV, slated for the first quarter of 2024.

Fisker widened the Ocean SUV with fenders, added a skid plate and 33-inch wheels.

Fisker does not stop at the production of electric vehicles, the company also presented its bladecomputer, a central computing platform intended to significantly reduce the complexity of future vehicles. Additionally, with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) objectives, Fisker seeks to become “ the most sustainable car manufacturer in the world “. Yes, Fisker has huge ambitions.

You can already reserve the Fisker Alaska and Ronin, for less than 300 dollars. However, we will have to wait. Exact delivery dates have yet to be revealed, and final details for these vehicles are still being worked out.

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