here is Synology’s Swiss army knife to store AND preserve your data online

An expert in “local” storage solutions (NAS in the lead), Synology has for more than 20 years been dedicated to helping individuals and professionals save and protect their data. An approach that the company is extending today with a particularly complete cloud offer.

A stolen external hard drive. A phone falling in the toilet. A PC that burns out. So many scenarios that result in the irrecoverable loss of hundreds, even thousands of documents. Irreplaceable archives, between family photos and unique documents that suddenly disappear if you haven’t taken your precautions. We can never repeat it enough: it is essential to back up the content of our devices in order to preserve the oh so precious data they house.

The simplest, but also the safest way to avoid this kind of inconvenience is to regularly make copies of your data. On a physical medium (NAS) for example or in the cloud thanks to a solution adapted to your needs. Already an expert in physical storage, Synology now offers you a cloud storage solution dedicated to protecting your data: C2. An independent ecosystem, very complete, but also able to work hand in hand with a NAS for a hybrid formula that combines the best of both worlds.

C2 Backup: all Synology’s know-how applied to online storage

With C2 Backup, Synology offers a simple and efficient cloud storage solution for individuals and professionals alike. This service offers a way to back up your Windows PC, your Mac, your storage devices or your OneDrive data in a secure cloud in just a few clicks. How ? Well, quite simply thanks to an application to be installed on your machine and which provides access to features, each more useful than the next.

The first of these, and arguably the most useful, is to automate the process of backing up your machine. With just a few clicks, you can set up a complete backup routine for your system. C2 Backup doesn’t just copy your photos and documents to the cloud, it makes an outright copy of your computer’s content. Copy that can then be easily reinstalled, as if nothing had happened.

Other particularly well-designed features await you within C2 Backup. In particular, you will be able to:

  • automatically back up the content of external storage media plugged into your machine;
  • increase the backup frequency of certain files so as to obtain different versions, which can be consulted independently;
  • take advantage of encryption of saved data.

C2 Backup currently offers three packages for individuals: 500 GB for 41.99 euros per year, 2 TB for 119.99 euros per year or 5 TB for 299.99 euros per year.

A complete ecosystem to ensure the security of your online data

To complete its online storage offer, Synology offers a battery of additional à la carte services:

C2 Password: a complete password manager

As its name suggests, C2 Password allows you to save and organize your passwords and other connection information in a secure keychain. It is also able to generate complex passwords for you if necessary. C2 Password also benefits from an enormous advantage insofar as it can be used, for a (single) C2 Password account, on an unlimited number of devices. Icing on the cake, its basic version is completely free.

C2 Transfer: for transferring large files

This service aims to transfer files, even large ones, between two users in a simple and secure way. But with an additional subtlety: it works both ways. Not only will you be able to send a document to a third party, but you will also be able to send them a request and offer them a secure space to complete the transfer. To make your life easier, it can apply a watermark to your files to ensure their protection, or integrate with Outlook for smoother use.

C2 Identity: a hub to centralize a fleet of application users

Designed for businesses, C2 Identity is a simple way to manage user access to many applications. Once integrated with C2 Identity, user accounts automatically benefit from accounts for the services used by your company such as Slack, Trello, Google Workspace, Dropbox, or Microsoft 365.

Hybrid cloud: never lose the data stored on your NAS again

The last part of the ecosystem created by Synology with C2 aims to foster interactions between cloud storage and physical storage, so as to create a hybrid infrastructure. C2 Storage is added to Hyper Backup to create backup routines for your Synology NAS and avoid untimely data loss.

To ensure the security of your data, C2 Storage applies client-side AES-256 encryption and access to data requires the use of a password-protected private key. Significant double security.

For professionals, Synology offers two additional services. On the one hand, C2 Monitoring which enables local and cloud backup of security recordings. The other, ActiveInsight which enables real-time monitoring of the health and performance of a NAS infrastructure.

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