Here is proof that the electric bike can be faster and less expensive in the city than the car

A British professional shares his experience of transport in big cities, where electric cargo bikes would be advantageous on several points compared to cars.

The democratization of the electric bike is palpable in the sales figures and their contribution to the increase in use of cycle paths. But there is a category of users in even more spectacular transition, that of professionals with electric cargo bikes.

To testify, the director of the London SME Man Maid (masonry, plumbing) gives his vision of things which are interesting to say the least. “ Most of my time was spent in my van. I thought there should be a better way to get around.”confides Mungo Morgan to road.

The electric bike among professionals

After 7 years behind the wheel, the boss decided to switch to an electric cargo bike. He bought several Raleigh brand electric scooters, which changed his life. “With heavy traffic and traffic jams during peak periods, we are ten times faster than with a utility vehicle”, he explains. London is in fact the most congested European – and global – city according to several studies, including that of Inrix. But we can apply this to France, where Paris is also on the podium (3rd after Chicago) of congested cities.

Morgan also cites another advantage to using an e-bike, that of the cost of use. And yes, it no longer pays for expensive fuel or electricity, and maintenance is also more affordable. For the manager, it would also avoid 7,000 pounds in parking fines per year (8,100 euros), i.e. “the cost of a cargo bike”.

The electric bike is attractive at home and for health

Another professional interviewed by the media, Doctor Jonathan Leach, switched from the car to the folding electric bike for his journeys. Riding his Brompton, he praises this active mode which would be beneficial for health, in addition to reduced costs and time. “Owning an eBike makes commuting faster”declares the Briton,“I’m able to avoid the traffic in the city center, which is a big bonus.”

As we have seen, health personnel sometimes have an interest in switching to cycling, like this midwife in the France 5 documentary showing all the faces of “Vélorution”.

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