here is his condition after a spectacular accident

A recent accident involving a copy of the BYD Yangwang U8 shows us the great resistance of this incredible electric SUV. So much so that it would be one of the safest electric cars in the world? Perhaps so, as it equips itself with many cutting-edge technologies.

When looking for a new car, we often look at several things to know if a model is right for us. And generally, it is the same criteria that come back, such as design and price. For electric, autonomy is also taken into account a lot, although it still remains a barrier for many.

An impressive accident

But there is also another aspect that must be looked at closely, and which is not always. This is security, which is generally evidenced by a rating out of five stars given by the independent organization EuroNCAP on the Old Continent. And in this test, many manufacturers stood out, such as Tesla as well as several Chinese brands.

This is for example the case of BYD, which is a hit with its recently tested Dolphin and Seal. The compact and the sedan indeed obtained the maximum score and excellent marks. It must be said that the Chinese manufacturer relies heavily on its numerous technologies in the service of safety. And it works, as proven by a post published on X (formerly Twitter) by expert Tycho de Feijter.

The latter contains several photos showing a copy of the Yangwang U8, a large electric SUV marketed by the high-end division of the Chinese firm. The latter is in very poor condition, after suffering a most spectacular accident. It was installed on a flatbed truck when the latter hit a barrier, causing the 4X4 to fall from the top of a cliff, the height of which was not communicated.

According to the images however, this is quite high. Below, the vehicle is on its roof and heavily damaged. However, and as the Chinese car specialist notes, the Yangwang U8 still does quite well overall and is not destroyed by the force of the crash. Which logically should have been the case when we see the configuration of the accident and the weight of the car, 3.5 tonnes!

Great resistance

Enough to prove to us once again that Chinese cars are also very durable and twist the necks of certain still very stubborn clichés. And truth be told, the state of the large electric SUV, unveiled at the very beginning of the year, is actually not really surprising. And for good reason, a few days ago, the number 2 in electric cars unveiled its new products at the Guangzhou show, in China.

The opportunity for the brand, on the verge of overtaking Tesla in terms of sales figures, to show off its new Sea Lion 07, as well as some of its technologies. And the new Yangwang U8 was rightly in the spotlight, since the company revealed its structure which seems ultra-resistant. So this is obviously the case, but that’s not all. Because everything is done so that this car is one of the safest in the world.

Indeed, this rival of the future Mercedes EQG and the Hummer EV, among others, is full of cutting-edge technologies. For example, he can turn around or roll like a crab, but it is also capable of floating on water. Better yet, it can stop in just 20 meters without the help of its mechanical brakesbut only thanks to the regenerative braking provided by its four electric motors.

The new Yangwang U8 will be launched in China first, priced at one million yuan, which is equivalent to around 140,000 euros. A price which will be even steeper if it one day makes the journey to Europe, which cannot be ruled out.

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